What is Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI)?

what is real time traffic information
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RTTI contains accurate map information, from high-tech sensors of the city’s traffic system to connected car probes, live operations centers. Backed by other intelligent networks such as cellular network’s dynamic network connections.

It helps to maintain real-time traffic management and discover present traffic situations for map display and a clear route. When the system finds a bottleneck in your scheduled route it automatically finds the best route to your destination.

A Real-Time Traffic Information system consists of two types of traffic details

Flow  This is the data of the travel speed and travel times with a section of possible routes.

Incident  This is the data about incidents that are influencing the flow of traffic and sometimes other relative data for the drivers to be aware of.

How Does BMW Get Traffic Info?

Real-Time Traffic Information will be working as long as you have the internet modem for the vehicle plugged in. The service must be turned on from settings, with a working internet connection, RTTI enabled for data sharing.

The Real-Time Traffic Information updates precisely and regularly, to keep the driver aware of:

The traffic situation

Time is taken to reach the destination

Dodge the traffic situations and jammed roads with automatically provided faster route recommendations

The routes will be continuously adjusted and improvised based on present traffic situations around the driver. When and if there is a new analysis on the route, the driver will instantly be provided with a quicker route recommendation.

The driver only has to verify the newly provided route with an easy tap on the screen and the car will be redirected to the quicker route.

In other words – RTTI will save you fuel, time, and stress.

How to View Traffic Information on BMW?

RTTI utilizes the vehicle’s already inserted SIM card to download the present-time traffic data and upgrades it every three minutes. To inform you of traffic flow around your route, depending on your car, there are various easy ways to show this on the map display.

To activate this service, on some BMW vehicles, from the map view

Select Navigation from the main menu

Choose the Map

From the left sidebar menu, select the Traffic info icon

And tap on receive exact traffic info.

For other vehicles, you can turn on traffic info by

Going to the main menu

Then select Navigation

Tap on the OPTIONS button on the iDrive controller placed on the center console

And finally, tick the box next to Receive Traffic Info.

Traffic is displayed in green, yellow, orange, and red shading equivalent to an extent from zero traffic to stop traffic.

Turn on rerouting around traffic jams

When you turn on the navigations dynamic guidance feature, the system will instantly provide you with alternative routes using data communication to dodge the live traffic.

To activate this service,  tap on Routes, from the Map menu, then choose Route preferences and tick the box next to Dynamic guidance.

BMW Connected Drive

To quote BMW US, starting from July 7, 2021, the Connected Drive Portal will be merged into the My BMW website. You can log into the My BMW site, using your current Connected Drive password and username.

Tap on “My Garage” to observe your car(s) and related Connected Drive data.

If you’re not sure whether you have a current Connected Drive account, you may use the forgot password option, or register your car to make a new account.

Step 1:

Add your device or car

Add your phone or tablet

In Google Maps, make sure you have logged in from the same account on:

The computer you’re using and or the tablet or smartphone.

When you are asked to turn on notifications, tap on ‘Turn on notifications’.

Add your car

Log in with your previously used account information.

Tap on Add car or GPS device.

Find and click on your car manufacturer and type in your account ID.
(If you do not know your ID, sign in to your car manufacturer’s official website)

Click OK. To add another car, tap on Add another car or GPS device.

Optional: To select your car smoothly in the future, use a name for your car.

Step 2:

Send a place to your car open Google Maps on a device

Look for the place you want to share.

Under the search box, click ‘Send to your phone’. Then, pick an option:

Pick the phone or tablet you want to share it with.

Click ‘Send to the car’ and then click on ‘Send’.

If your device or car is not listed, you can share it by email or text message. The text option is not accessible in every country.

You will get a notification on the display of your BMW car with the vehicle’s location.

If you are using Maps from a mobile browser or a not-so-updated web browser or operating system, this may not work.

Take Away from this Article

RTTI helps a lot to find alternate roads or much-needed highways in case of any traffic situations. We hope we have helped you with RTTI-related questions and if you have any more, feel free to contact us via the suitable platform of your choice.

Also, riding a BMW in Dubai weather comes with few issues that you need to take care for a smooth driving experience. Consult with our expert technicians for a timely BMW repair in Dubai service center.

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