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Do you miss the luxurious feel of your BMW? No matter how perfect the craftsmanship, your car needs regular maintenance to stay as elegant as it really is. Visiting a reliable and affordable BMW service center in Dubai for BMW repair is necessary for your car’s health.
Do you miss the luxurious feel of your BMW? No matter how perfect the craftsmanship, your car needs regular maintenance to stay as elegant as it really is. Visiting a reliable and affordable BMW service center in Dubai for BMW repair is necessary for your car’s health.
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We Respect Your Needs at an Affordable Price

At our Dubai BMW Garage, we treat each customer with respect. Our BMW service advisor listen to you, understand all your needs and make sure we deliver exactly what you came for. Here’s what makes our service the most competent
Expert BMW Mechanics

Original BMW Equipment

Each and every original part of a BMW automobile plays the role in creating the entire experience of ‘sheer driving pleasure’. This is why we don’t ever compromise in using only the original parts and BMW recommended accessories while performing the periodic checkup or repair of your BMW.

Expert BMW Mechanics

Our BMW specialists are our asset. We not only handpick the best technicians, but we also make sure they treat you and your car with utmost care. Technicians are experienced in handling delicate BMW parts. The entire process of repairing your BMW is performed under proper supervision to ensure the best quality we have committed.
Original BMW Equipment
Complete transparency in Service

Complete transparency in Service

( 0 hidden charges)
Our company values honesty and transparency to make a long-lasting partnership with customers like you. We will keep you informed during the initial BMW service inspection and take your permission before replacement or installation of any new part which will bear additional cost in your budget. You can rest assured that there will be no hidden costs, and extra changes will only be made after your permission.

Catalogue of BMW Repair Services at our Dubai Workshop

Our BMW repair specialists in Dubai workshop are trained and experienced in repair or maintenance with all models of BMW cars. No matter what you need for your vehicle, we are at your service. Periodic Inspection & BMW Maintenance Services for a Rugged BMW. We offer our Periodic BMW services to boost the strength of your vehicle so that it can stay young and strong for a very long time. Here is a checklist of the whole BMW repair process:
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Our Featured Car Repair Services

What Our BMW Services Offer

Why Periodic Inspection of your BMW is Necessary. A BMW on the road is unstoppable. But even a beast like that needs occasional care to withstand the long journeys. A thorough check up will help us fix any issues with your car before it is too late.
BMW transmission repair
BMW brake repair
BMW engine repair
BMW suspension repair
BMW AC Repair
BMW Dent Removal
BMW Valeting & Detailing
BMW Tuning
BMW Clutch Repair
BMW Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI)
BMW 4WD Dyno
BMW Battery Repair
BMW Bespoke Exhaust Modification
BMW Recovery and Pickup
BMW Sanitization
BMW Wheel Alignment, Refurbishment
BMW Tinting
BMW Body Repair
BMW Bodyshop

Call us to know when is the right time to get your vehicle checked by a BMW technician.

Kilometer Based Packages for BMW Services

Usually car experts use ‘Kilometers run by a car’ as a valid metric to measure the approximate condition of a car. We use the same metric to determine the nature of services your BMW may need. For your easy understanding, here we have created a list of services an average BMW car needs during its time.
Fixed price car servicing packages

BMW Service Packages
Based On Travel History (In Kilometer)

899 AED
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15,000 KM 1.Oil Change, 2.Oil Filter, 3.Air Filter, 4.Cabin Filter, 5.Car Inspection
1,899 AED
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30,000 KM 1.Minor Service, 2.Brake Pads (Front + Rear), 3.Inspection
2,999 AED
Read More
60,000 KM 1.Minor Service, 2.Brake Pads (Front + Rear), 3.Transmission Oil, 4.Inspection
899 AED
Read More
80,000 KM 1.Minor Service, 2.Inspection
3,699 AED
Read More
100,000 KM and more 1.Minor Service, 2.Brake Pads (Front + Rear), 3.Spark Plugs, 4.All Fluids, 5.Inspection

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At Our Audi Repair Center

By now, we have served hundreds of loyal customers. In addition, we have repaired, serviced, and restored more than a thousand retro, economic and luxury cars in Dubai. We are on of the largest European car workshop to fix all makes and models, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Range Rover, BMW, Lexus, Jaguar, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley
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Highly trained technicians in Dubai Garage
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Audi vehicles repaired every year
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Services provided

You can completely rely on us with your car.

Our ultimate aim is to handover your car with a brand-new feel accompanying your ride home safely

Get in touch with Das Center UAE at 04 323 2832 and book your Periodic Maintenance Service

Frequently Asked Questions

We always keep affordable pricing in mind when it comes to the full servicing of your car. Please visit our pricing page to get detailed break-up of our cost-effective BMW service plans..
Outside of routine oil check, our expert technicians make sure to run a professional safety inspection check. Our BMW service includes a through check of brakes, belts, dashboard warning lights, electrical check to ensure further safety, steering, tire pressure and many more. Visit our luxury service center once and consult with our service advisor.
Well, the answer is yes. But it is better to let certified experts handle delicate craftsmanship. Our team of expert technicians are handpicked and has years of industry experience serving thousands of BMW cars.
Not at our BMW garage. Our BMW service pricing is affordable. We do not have any hidden charges.
Get in touch with our BMW service advisor before spending a single amount. It is important to know the current health of your car before you consider servicing. Our advisor will consult with your first before taking any decision.
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