For smooth, safe, and seamless gear changing every time.

From brake fluid replacement, to brake upgrades and ABS/ESR/ESP diagnostic services.

Oil check and replacement, AC maintenance, engine air servicing, filter and fluid checks.

ECU tuning and programming, so you can get more out of your vehicle.

Ensuring your grip and control on the road with steering and suspension maintenance.

Includes complete car diagnostics, dyno tuning, chip tuning, turbo installation, brake upgrades, fuel system upgrades, etc.

Comprehensive car diagnostics services for peak performance on the road

Prestige vehicles require attention unlike other cars. Being fine-tuned automobiles, they need specialist care to keep in optimum condition. We use advanced dyno calibration to evaluate car performance, checking whether your vehicle is properly tuned to produce peak power and performance. We also provide comprehensive auto servicing, from AC maintenance to electrical and wiring repair.

Full diagnostic facility programming and coding, electrical system troubleshooting using advanced automotive CAN computers.

Comprehensive luxury car service, complete with engine check, oil replacement, etc.

We will make sure you stay cool while on the road with expert car AC maintenance at Deutsches Auto Service Center.

Give your car a style upgrade with premium valeting and detailing. Stylise with our Silver and Gold Interior-Exterior detailing packages, inclusive of dent removal & paint protection services.



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Unbeatable quality automotive luxury car service solutions, for the discerning car owner

A luxury car is a timeless, ageless piece of automotive excellence. It is mechanical engineering given concrete form – a marriage of refined artistic vision and pinpoint precision engineering. Whether you own an Audi, Bentley, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Range Rover, or BMW, we will treat your car with utmost care. Every luxury car service we offer is exercised with a heightened sense of reverence to the mechanisms that make the whole. If you want luxury car service that treats your car with the same care and attention as you do to it, partner with DAS Center today.Our expertise covers, but is not limited to the following European brands:


Our company has built its success through the knowledge, expertise, and experience of our specialist professionals who are passionate for prestige cars. We have a fully-equipped workshop and auto maintenance facility, which allows us to provide complete car diagnostics services to keep your car in perfect running condition.


Drawing from more than 25 years’ experience providing car tuning and maintenance services in the UK and across Europe, our company is able to deliver premium luxury car service packages to customers in Dubai and across the UAE. We offer extensive maintenance packages for vehicles, inclusive of advanced car diagnostics and complete auto servicing to get your vehicle in the best shape possible.


Beyond providing expert maintenance services for European auto brands and luxury vehicles, we at Deutsches Auto Service Center seek pole position in the automotive industry by keeping updated with the latest news and trends today. From the introduction of innovative technologies to coverage of the most relevant events to date, you can expect DAS Center to be on top of the action every time.