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    Car Services Dubai

    Meet the leading Dealer Alternative Car Service Center in Dubai

    Choose the most convenient, efficient, and budget-friendly service partner and explore a plethora of car services in Dubai at our European car workshop. Here, we make sure you experience the finest car care in Dubai.

    The Best Luxury Car Repair in Dubai – We Guarantee Quality Maintenance And Same Day Servicing

    Drawing from more than 30 years experience of providing car tuning and maintenance services in the UK and across Europe, our company delivers premium car service packages to customers in Dubai and across the UAE. We created the DASCenter with the aim to make every journey safe and comfortable for our clients.

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    Our Featured Services

    We Offer Full Service Auto Repair & Maintenance

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    Get a full range of clutch and transmission repair services ensuring better car care with DAS Center. Read More

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    Bring your car to the best car suspension repair services in Dubai for a timely maintenance check. Read More

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    Be it ECU remapping, exhaust modification or 4WD Dyno Tuning, boost your car with performance-grade tunig. Read More

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    Get your Car AC Diagnosed thoroughly by our AC Repair specialists and have it serviced quickly with DAS. Read More

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    IF your brakes grind or squeal you need to get your brake system inspected with us to ensure the safety of your car. Read More

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    Our trusted & detailed Pre-purchase inspection service ensures you get a reliable used car. Read More

    Great Car Services in Dubai

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    great workmanship.

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    With Three decades of glorious history in auto servicing and maintenance, we have built a matchless track record of repeat business from our clientele, while we aim to win new clients persistently and serve them with the best we have. We have achieved to reach and serve each and every loyal patron of the DASCenter that recognises us for an excellent experience of unmatchable car service in Dubai.

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    Best Car Services in Dubai

    DAS Center is equipped with the latest car service machinery and a team of super-skilled European car mechanics. Our team is driven by passion for prestige cars ensuring a perfect car repair and services.

    We use advanced car diagnostic software, cutting-edge tools, and original car parts that are imported from England, Germany and Italy ensuring a complete zero compromise and a peace of mind.

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    Our system specialists run detailed computer diagnostics connected with troubleshooting software to check each and every underlying issue in your car. Followed by a detailed inspection report and a roadmap to step-by-step repair, our car service advisors in Dubai workshop take complete responsibility to supervise our technicians throughout the service tenure.

    Once your car is completely serviced, before delivery we take it through a regressive 4d Dyno tuning and carry out a road test to check every part is settled and functioning at its peak.

    It is imperative for luxury cars to be cared for properly so that the car’s performance isn’t compromised. Practicing good car maintenance will enhance the performance and value of your vehicle.

    We minutely listen and observe what our customers or partners really want from our car services , and deeply adapt to meet specific car needs at an affordable price. This is how we have obtained a 94.05% success rate and furthering the journey to become an alpha car garage in Dubai.

    Highly Professional Car Services in Dubai to Protect your Luxury Vehicle

    Deutsches Auto Service Center is considered the leading specialist in European and luxury vehicle maintenance in Dubai. Our focus is mainly on the maintenance, tuning, and servicing of prestigious European vehicles.

    We offer a wide range of services for all German and European cars. DAS Center has brought you 3 tier of comprehensive services: major services, minor and periodic maintenance services to keep your car in a good shape. While you assign your vehicle to us, you can be assured that your car will be looked after by the best independent luxury car service experts in Dubai.

    DAS Center offers 100% no quibble, guaranteed post car service satisfaction. We boast of a fully equipped workshop facility where we can offer your car the most transparent and efficient diagnostics car services in Dubai to help enhance the performance of your luxury car.


    What Should I Do When My Check Engine Lights Come On?

    You should contact and arrange an appointment with the dealer or an established service center to investigate the fault.

    What Happens If I Ignore My Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

    That will cause the tire pressure to be uneven and lead to instability of your vehicle while driving.

    How Often Should I Have My Brakes Checked?

    Brakes should be inspected on every scheduled service.

    How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced?

    Brake pad changes are determined by the scheduled service inspection.

    What Type of Oil Filter Do I Need?

    You should always go with what is recommended by the manufacturer.

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