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    Rolls Royce Services

    Rolls Royce Repair Dubai | Leading Rolls Royce Service Center

    Deutsche Auto Service Center comes with great pleasure to provide a wide range of Rolls Royce services in Dubai.

    Our state-of-the-art Rolls Royce service center is powered with the latest Digital Dyno dynamics 4wd rolling road test cell and integrated with all the upgraded range of industry standard tools and equipment. Also, equipped with expert technicians specialized in Rolls Royce repair services, we know both the in and out of the car and to its core.

    DAS Center has always been known as the leading European car workshop catering to an enhanced range of services all under a roof of 10,000 sq.ft, ensuring our premium customers a rich service experience.

    We are proud to be among the very few Rolls Royce dealer alternative service center in Dubai. Our moto is to ensure an uncompromised car-road experience.

    What Makes Us the Best Rolls Royce Repair & Maintenance Workshop in Dubai,UAE ?

    Rolls Royce Services
    Highly Efficient Mechanics

    We believe our Rolls Royce mechanics to be the face of our workshop. That is why we hand-pick expert technicians advised by Rolls Royce repair service advisor to make sure your luxury car is in the right hands. Our Rolls Royce workshop in Dubai is powered by 20+ Rolls Royce specialists to keep the workflow seamless and to meet the client’s needs in time.

    Rolls Royce Services
    A Transparent Service Experience

    Our workshop is built on integrity and customer satisfaction. We highly value our client’s expectation of a fair and transparent service. Once you handover your Rolls Royce to us, we make it our aim to keep the Roll Royce repair process completely clear.

    From taking charge of your car to creating a comprehensive inspection report, backed by a detailed parts replacement plan so that you don’t miss out a single step we take to care for your car.

    Rolls Royce Services
    Use of Authentic Equipments & Tools

    While you handover your car, we aim to give it back in a brand new condition by retaining it to its original strength powered by an uncompromised performance. We do it by making sure we use autoparts from the original and largest equipment manufacturers in the city.

    We feature a variety of car services among which PMS is the most chosen one as it keeps your car under regular check and timely maintenance.

    Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) is a process to monitor your car in set intervals while the car is still operational. It is planned and executed by our senior Rolls Royce specialist with the only motive to safeguard you and your car.

    Advantages of opting for a PMS helps in avoiding any malfunctions and keeps the car performance intact throughout the year.

    Benefit of Opting for a Rolls Royce Periodic Maintenance Service:

    • Keeps your car intact and under constant monitoring
    • Your vehicle gets a prolong life
    • PMS helps in improving fuel efficiency
    • Helps in reducing pollution
    • Lesser chance of a sudden breakdown
    • Quality service contract guaranteed

    This is to make sure you enjoy a hassle-free and a luxury car experience throughout the PMS term.

    Our Kilometer Based Periodic Roll Royce Maintenance Service

    15,000 KM Minor Service: Oil Change Oil Filter Change Air Filter Carbon Air Filter Inspection 1999 AED
    30,000 KM Minor Service Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections 2,299 AED
    60,000 KM Minor Service Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections Transmission Oil Inspection 3,999 AED
    80,000 KM Minor Service + Inspection 1,499 AED
    100,000 KM and more Minor Service Brake Pads Spark Plugs All Fluids Inspections 4,599 AED

    We aim for a guaranteed satisfaction for our clients by offering a complete array of quality services for every Rolls Royce make and model.

    From PMS to Major and Minor Rolls Royce services backed by Rolls Royce quick service for busy schedulers, we cover it all

    Our Major Roll Royce Service : A Class Apart

    • Rolls Royce engine repair
    • Rolls Royce oil check & change
    • Rolls Royce battery inspection
    • Rolls Royce Phantom Repair
    • Rolls Royce brake repair
    • Rolls Royce AC filter check & change
    • Rolls Royce transmission repair
    • Rolls Royce gearbox inspection
    • Rolls Royce suspension repair in Dubai
    • Rolls Royce spark plugs check & change
    • Rolls Royce steering & alignment check
    • Rolls Royce electrical complete check

    Our Minor Rolls Royce Services covers:

    • Rolls Royce tinting
    • Rolls Royce valeting & detailing
    • Rolls Royce 4WD Dyno tuning & chip tuning
    • Rolls Royce PPI (Pre purchase Inspection)
    • Rolls Royce wheel refurbishment
    • Rolls Royce convertible roof repair
    • Rolls Royce bespoke exhaust modification
    • Rolls Royce body repair
    • Rolls Royce body shop

    Our Rolls Royce Quick Service: A Fast Care

    • Rolls Royce computer diagnostic & scanning
    • Rolls Royce recovery pickup & delivery
    • Rolls Royce ceramic coating and paint
    • protection
    • Rolls Royce dent removal
    • Rolls Royce polish
    • Rolls Royce disinfection & sanitization
    • Rolls Royce complete body wash

    We aim to retain the value of your Rolls-Royce car so that you experience zero stress and complete mental satisfaction every time you drive!
    No one will take greater care of it than we will.

    Experience a premium class of Rolls Royce service in Dubai, dial +971 4 323 2832 to schedule your service slot at Das Center UAE.
    You can also email us your service requirement at

    It’s time for you to get lucky! We are offering a 10% discount
    (on the labor cost) for the first time
    upon all our Rolls Royce services!

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    Most Commonly Asked Question related to Rolls Royce Repair in Dubai

    How much does it cost to service a Rolls Royce?

    The royal Royal Rolls Royce comes with an expensive service cost. An oil change alone can take upto 1000 AED. Annual maintenance can range upto 8000 AED depending on the service required. In our Rolls Royce garage, you get dealer-level craftsmanship at an affordable price.

    For the complete price of Rolls Royce Service in Dubai follow the KMs based maintenance chart.

    How often should I change Rolls Royce oil?

    We recommend oil change every 5000 to 9000 kms for your Rolls Royce to keep it in a flawless condition.

    What does a drivetrain malfunction warning light signify?

    When a drivetrain malfunction warning blinks, it could be a sign of main transmission control unit malfunction.

    My Rolls Royce isn’t starting, but there is power, what is the issue?

    It could probably mean that there is a presence of starter malfunction and it needs to be fixed.

    Why does transmission overheat messages pop up often?

    It is a sign that your car’s cooling system has an issue that continues to the transmission oil circuit.

    Why does the front suspension make a knocking sound when I press the brake?

    It is because your car’s suspension control arm ball joints are worn and need to be changed.

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