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Mini Cooper in Repair Abu Dhabi

Mini Cooper Repair in Abu Dhabi: Get a Reliable Service from DAS Center

Welcome to DAScenter, your one-stop destination for all your car care needs. If you are looking for a trusted Mini Cooper service in Abu Dhabi, you have found one.

DAS Center is recognized to be one of the leading European car service providers providing luxury car maintenance at a budget price.

We are technically advanced where our technicians are specialized to retain your car’s initial functionality and efficiency for a smooth car-road experience.

At our 10,000 sq. ft workshop, we provide a comprehensive range of service for all your car needs. Our top priority is to make sure you attain complete satisfaction and a peace of mind after having your car serviced from our service partners.

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DAS Center Aims to Make Your Mini Cooper Maintenance in Abu Dhabi Easier

We are one of the largest Mini Cooper dealer alternative service provider in Abu Dhabi. We have been operating for the last 3 decades with utmost love for car care.

DAS Center: A Leading Mini Cooper service in Abu Dhabi

We are a reliable Mini Cooper service center where we aim to keep your vehicle at optimum condition. With upgraded technologies and a sense of responsibility we ensure that you are safe and your car functions perfectly.

From 4D Dyno-tuning to car cleaning, at our Mini Cooper workshop in Abu Dhabi you will get the guaranteed satisfaction by our inclusive maintenance pack.

Here is a glimpse of our services.

Take a Look at our Major Mini Cooper Service

We are a dealer alternative service provider and we bring you a comprehensive maintenance package from an oil change to performance tuning upgrade.

Mini Cooper in Repair Abu Dhabi

Mini Cooper Engine Repair

Be it restoration or servicing, we provide all types of engine repair service to keep your car performance at its peak.

Mini Cooper Transmission Repair:

We provide a complete Mini Cooper transmission service and repair to make sure your car runs optimally.

Mini Cooper Pre purchase Inspection:

We conduct pre purchase inspection to make sure that the car you are planning to buy is worth the price.

Mini Cooper AC Repair:

We carry out a complete air quality check of your Air conditioned system and provide service and replacement as required.

Brake fluid refill

Tire conditions assessment, replacement if needed

Air filter Assessment, replacement if needed

Mini Cooper oil change

Mini Cooper brake repair

Testing the front and rear wipers

Mini Cooper suspension repair

Underbody check up

Washing of the Exterior body, and tires

Inspection of complete electrical system

Mini Cooper in Repair Abu Dhabi

What is the Importance of Regular Mini Cooper Repair and Maintenance?

Even though your Cooper is meant for providing the smoothest ride, with time it loses its smoothness. A vehicle service at a regular interval will keep your vehicle running. So the best option is to visit a Mini Cooper specialist in Abu Dhabi who can take care of all your service requirements.

We have skilled automobile technicians who will conduct computer diagnostics to check all the underlying issues. Then create a detailed inspection report on how to eliminate the issues one by one.

If you are looking for suggestions regarding Mini Cooper repair you can also talk to your dedicated service advisor.

A few of our Minor Mini Cooper service in Abu Dhabi includes:

  • Mini Cooper dent removal
  • Detailing & valeting
  • Mini Cooper 4d dyno-tuning & chip tuning
  • Wheel refurbishment
  • Mini Cooper tinting
  • Mini Cooper bespoke exhaust modification
  • Mini Cooper body repair
  • Mini Cooper brake repair

A list our Quick Mini Cooper services for added safety:

  • Mini Cooper interior cleansing
  • Full diagnostic & scanning
  • Mini Cooper sanitization
  • Excellent polish
  • Complete body wash
  • Mini Cooper body shop
  • Mini Cooper recovery & pickup

We are transparent and our objective is to meet your demand and execute a service proficiently. We provide the most affordable car service packages without compromising the quality.

A modern car needs proper care and maintenance to ensure it goes the distance it wants.

Our KM Based Periodic Maintenance Service

15,000 KM Minor Service: Oil Change Oil Filter Change Air Filter Carbon Air Filter Inspection 899 AED
30,000 KM Minor Service Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections 1,899 AED
60,000 KM Minor Service Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections Transmission Oil Inspection 2,999 AED
80,000 KM Minor Service + Inspection 899 AED
3,999 AED Minor Service Brake Pads Spark Plugs All Fluids Inspections 2,999 AED

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To get a FREE estimate, book your slot for Mini Cooper service appointment right away.

Our customer support team is ready to help six days a week, so call us at 04 323 2832 any time.

You can also send us an email at, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

For more information on how Mini Cooper Service Centers work check the frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions about Mini Cooper Garage in Abu Dhabi for our customers

How often should a Mini Cooper be serviced?

There is no fixed timing, you need to pay attention to your car. If you find that it is losing its efficiency of running smoothly you need to contact our advisors. However, we suggest a periodic inspection will benefit your car.

How much does a Mini Cooper maintenance cost?

It largely depends on the condition of the vehicle. A Mini Cooper repair in Abu Dhabi can cost between 900 AED to 2500 AED.

What’s included in a full Mini Cooper service?

You need to visit the DAS Center to get your car inspected. We provide suggestions depending on your car’s requirements. However, we provide services from maintenance to repair which includes oil change, engine repair, transmission repair, interior sanitization, and so on.

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