Car Warranty and Service Contract in Dubai

DAScenter wholeheartedly welcomes you to one of the largest European Car Workshop based in the heart of Dubai stretching up to Abu Dhabi.

We boast a 10,000 sq.ft large stand-alone car care solution with cutting-edge technologies, upgraded equipment and highly-skilled & certified automobile technicians supervised by dedicated service advisor.

We have set up a phenomenal service contract package for our clients to ensure optimum car performance throughout the year with the DAS Center service contract warranty plan. This is to increase safety by eliminating the chance of sudden breakdown on the road by taking premium care of the car.

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Warrenty & Service Contract

What is a service contract and how does it work?

Our service contracts are pre-paid service packages that assist customers with planned car maintenance to upkeep the vehicle at its peak.
We make custom service contracts that vary on every model, make and mileage and moderately on the rider. Every periodical maintenance auto service contract that we provide covers essential services all planned for a preset cost for a year or two.
Service Contract

What are the terms of our service agreements?

What is covered depends on the make and model of the vehicle. When booking a service, select your car’s make and model to get all the details. We will take your car through a complete diagnostics keeping all the aspects of the car in mind. And then custom make a routine maintenance plan based on your convenience at an affordable price

How long is a service contract valid for?

You can purchase a car service contract for one or two years depending on the age and current health of your car. The number of services covered is dependent on the make, model, and mileage of the vehicle. Service most autos every 12,000 kilometres or six months, whichever comes first.
A two-years contract usually allows you to receive three services per year, however this can change depending on the factors mentioned above
What are the terms of our
Why Choose DAS Center

Free Recovery Service

We offer a complimentary recovery service which comes with zero charges for our loyal customers available all across the UAE, especially focused on Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose DAS Center?

Contract Service That You Can Trust
We cater a comprehensive range of services that suit your car requirements and plan a yearly maintenance roadmap to keep your car in a good shape throughout.
Free Recovery Service

A Detailed View of
Our Service Contract Package

Major Service

Minor Service

Intermediate Service

2 Years or 30,000 kms (Whichever comes first)

2 Years Contract Includes

Warrenty & Service contract
Warrenty & Service contract-3

3 Years or 45,000 kms (Whichever comes first)

3 Years Contract Includes

4 Years or 60,000 kms (Whichever comes first)

4 Years Contract Includes

Warrenty & Service contract-2

Frequently Asked Questions

Car service contract is a package for you so that you can get your luxury car serviced for optimum car performance throughout the year. It is a prepaid service package that provides you a planned car maintenance to keep your car well-maintained.
Auto service contract is necessary for luxury car owners, it prevents your car from a sudden breakdown on the road. It follows a typical periodic car maintenance schedule that reminds you of your service dates ensuring the car is serviced in time without any delay. We work as a car doctor ensuring increased car life span and healthy car care habits.
It is a prepaid service when you purchase this service contract package, we make a custom plan for you and plan for every car differently. It would include major inspection and troubleshooting, timely car oil check and change, 360* inspection every 3 months, ac repair & maintenance, car suspension care, car recovery & pickup in case of any trouble on road, on-call assistance from our dedicated service advisors and much more.
It depends, you may purchase the service contract package for 1 year or 2 years and the premium service contract extends to 5 years.
It is based on the service contract package you choose for your car. It includes the major, the minor and a periodic car maintenance schedule.
Service contract schedule will be initiated once the onboard service light is indicated, so you may proceed to book your vehicle in with our service team to complete the maintenance program. Or you can give us a call to check on your service contract tenure and routine maintenance schedule.

Car Warranty and Service Contract Near Me

Are you looking for car warranty and service contract nearby? Visit our workshop in Dubai for any kind of repairs and servicing.

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