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    Maserati Repair in Fujairah

    DAScenter is one of the best Maserati repair and maintenance service providers in Fujairah for German and European vehicles. Our skilled and qualified technicians and mechanics guarantee top-notch automobile diagnostic and repair services with 100% client satisfaction and the greatest customer care imaginable in Fujairah for all German and European car brands.

    Our expert, Maserati mechanics, technicians, and repair professionals, can handle any diagnostic and repair issues with any luxury vehicle. We guarantee our customers a superior level of service because we are a Maserati service provider. We exclusively work with original, authentic Maserati parts, and we find used Maserati parts in Fujairah for customers on a budget. As a result, we never skimp on the quality of our work and guarantee “on-time” deliveries.

    Maserati Maintenance in Fujairah: Complete Service Package at Affordable Price

    Here we ensure a complete health checkup of your luxury car. We offer computer diagnostics to completely analyze the health of your car and dig out the hidden issues to serve you better. All our findings will be detailed in our inspection report which comes along with custom recommendations to replace or repair your automobile parts.

    Dedicated Maserati Advisors

    Our dedicated Maserati advisors guarantee flawless service. They supervise the entire service and will be in touch with you throughout the entire service period.

    Original Maserati Parts

    We provide only original parts to our customers that are directly imported from the company or from authorized parts dealers. All the parts we provide come with a company and store warranty.

    European Standard Experience

    We provide digital personal client managers to our customers along with a luxury lounge area for the utmost comfort of our customers.

    Further, we also offer Maserati Periodic Maintenance Service as well.

    Maserati Transmission Repair::

    With a thorough check of your gearbox, we can provide you with either a replacement or restoration, according to your requirement.

    Maserati Brake Repair:

    We care for your safety like a family. Brakes are a lifesaver, and it is essential to have them inspected at intervals. So drive in your car to our Maserati service partner in Fujairah today to get the health of your car brakes examined.

    Maserati Engine Repair:

    From Maserati Engine Inspection to complete restoration, we provide the precise service your car needs to get back to its optimal performance.

    Maserati Suspension Repair:

    We can bring back the same old comfort of your car that it had when you bought it. Our service professionals can repair or replace your worn-out suspension with original parts to make it brand new once again.

    Our Maserati Major Service Includes:


      • Maserati oil check & change
      • Maserati engine repair
      • Maserati AC filter check & change
      • Maserati battery inspection
      • Maserati brakes repair
      • Maserati steering & alignment check
      • Maserati transmission programming
      • Maserati complete tyre health check
      • Maserati suspension repair
      • Maserati electrical repair
      • Maserati spark plugs check & change

    Post-service, our 2400hp 4WD DYNO from Dyno Dynamics, followed by complimentary 360-degree computer diagnostics, will ensure that your vehicle is safe from In & Out and ready to go on the road.

    Our Maserati Minor Service Includes:

    • Maserati valeting & detailing
    • Maserati wheel refurbishment
    • Maserati 4WD Dyno tuning & chip tuning
    • Maserati bespoke exhaust modification
    • Maserati PPI (Pre-purchase) Inspection
    • Maserati tinting
    • Maserati bespoke exhaust modification
    • Maserati software programming
    • Maserati body shop
    • Maserati body repair

    Our Maserati Quick Service

    • Maserati engine diagnostic
    • Maserati dent removal
    • Maserati auxiliary & fan belt check
    • Maserati recovery & pickup
    • Maserati roadside assistance
    • Maserati sanitization
    • Maserati polishing
    • Maserati complete body wash

    Our aim has always been to provide our customers with complete satisfaction over our professional service quality.Additionally, we repair and service every brand and model from Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Bentley, Mini Cooper and Range Rover
    This is the reason we are most preferred over any other Audi garage in Fujairah

    Our KM Based Periodic Maintenance Service for a healthy Maserati:

    15,000 KM Minor Service: Oil Change Oil Filter Change Air Filter Carbon Air Filter Inspection 1,000 AED
    30,000 KM Minor Service Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections 1,999 AED
    60,000 KM Minor Service Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections Transmission Oil Inspection 2,999 AED
    80,000 KM Minor Service + Inspection 999 AED
    100,000 KM and more Minor Service Brake Pads Spark Plugs All Fluids Inspections 3,699 AED

    “Your safety is our top priority”

    It’s time for you to get lucky! We are offering a 10% discount
    (on the labor cost) for the first time
    upon all our Maserati services!

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    Frequently Asked Questions: Maserati Repair Fujairah

    How often do you have to service Maserati?

    The frequency of scheduled maintenance is every 12,500 miles or one year, whichever comes first. So to keep your Maserati in the finest condition possible, make sure to schedule these maintenance procedures.

    How often does a Maserati need an oil change?

    The majority of Maserati cars only need to change their synthetic oil once a year, or every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometres.

    What kind of oil does a Maserati use?

    Maserati maintains its reputation for a great performance by working with high-quality Pennzoil goods. All new Maserati cars sold in North America come with our Pennzoil Platinum Euro Full Synthetic motor oil, the only oil that is advised for service fills.

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