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Car Electrical Repair in Dubai

Deutsches Auto Service Center has trained technicians using the latest diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair our customer’s vehicles. With extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of makes and models our skilled technicians are of course able to find and repair faults that are both identified by diagnostics and their visual inspection.
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Car Electrical & Electronics

What Do Diagnostics Deal With?

The modern car comes with complex electronic equipment such as traction control, immobilisers, power steering, airbags, electric windows and air conditioning; often fitted as standard and managed by the cars brain – or ECU (Engine Control Unit). When these systems are performing as they are designed to, driving is a pleasure, but when a fault or warning occurs; it is always advisable to have your car examined by an experienced professional with the right equipment to identify the fault and make the necessary adjustments or repairs as soon as possible.

Warning Lights And Faults

If there is a service light or warning sign illuminated on your dashboard, or you are experiencing problems with your vehicle, it does not mean that you need to go to a main dealer for servicing or repairs. At SLP Autos our extensive Bosch diagnostic equipment allows us to access the ECU of most makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles to ascertain what the problem is.

Fault Finding & Repairs

With the use of a code reader our technicians will check your vehicles ECU’s memory log for fault codes, (some of which may not have activated a warning light) and identify any faults or warning messages.
We do advise clients that codes extracted by diagnostic tools are just a guide, and it is not simply a case of plugging in the code reader and clearing the codes. The codes form the basis of resolving faults and are used by our skilled technicians to help identify and remedy any faults with your vehicle.
Once we have ascertained what the problem is with your vehicle we will advise you. If there is any need for replacement parts or labour, we will of course provide a quotation for your approval before proceeding any further.
Having completed the necessary repairs or adjustments, our technician will then clear the fault from the memory of the ECU.

When Do You Need Car Electrical Repair in Dubai?

Car electrical issues can arise due to various reasons, including wear and tear, weather conditions, and electrical component failures. Some signs that indicate your car may need electrical repair include:

If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to have your car’s electrical system checked by DAScenter’s professional auto electrician in Dubai.

How Do We Repair and Service Your Car's Electricals?

At DAScenter, we follow a systematic approach to diagnose and repair your car’s electrical issues:

Diagnostics as the First Step

Our experienced technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint the exact cause of your car’s electrical problems. This ensures that we address the root cause of the issue, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Battery Diagnostics, Cleaning, and Replacement

A healthy battery is crucial for your car’s electrical system. We check the battery’s health, clean the terminals, and replace it if necessary to ensure your car starts smoothly.

Conditioning System Fix

If your car’s air conditioning system is not working correctly, it could be due to electrical issues. We inspect the system thoroughly and repair any electrical faults to restore the functionality of your air condition.

Car Wiring Repair and Inspection

Faulty wiring can cause a range of electrical issues in your car. Our technicians inspect the wiring harnesses and repair or replace any damaged wires to ensure proper electrical flow.

Fixing All the Electrical Issues

From faulty alternators to malfunctioning sensors, we can fix all types of electrical issues in your car to ensure it runs smoothly and safely on the road.

Why Choose DAScenter for Auto Electrical Repair?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Auto Electrical Repair Dubai

The time taken to repair car electrical issues depends on the nature of the problem. Minor issues can be fixed quickly, while more complex issues may take longer to diagnose and repair.

It's a good idea to have your car's electrical system checked regularly, ideally during routine maintenance visits. This can help catch any potential issues early and prevent more significant problems down the line.

While some minor electrical issues can be fixed DIY, it's generally recommended to have a professional auto electrician handle more complex problems. This can help ensure the issue is properly diagnosed and repaired, preventing further damage to your car.

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