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Range Rover Repair Service

Range Rover Repair Dubai | Range Rover Service in Dubai

Range Rovers has got a decent score when it comes to reliability. Despite of being their popularity in automobile market, Range Rovers still suffers from some common problem like air suspension, electrical problems, oil leaks and steering shaft problems. Fix all those issues by bringing your car to the best dealer alternative car service center for timely Range Rover repair in Dubai.

DAS Center is proud to provide the best dealer alternative Range Rover service in Dubai.

Riding in style with your Range Rover in Dubai roads requires routine checkup.

Our Range Rover repair is powered by a group of expert Range Rover technicians. You will be handing over your car to the top Range Rover specialists in our Ranger Rover garage.

Range Rover Repair | List of Models We Serve at Our Range Rover Garage

We understand how hard it can be if your Range Rover starts troubling. Which is why here at our Range Rover workshop in Dubai we cater to an inclusive service for all ranges of Range Rover mentioned below:

Land Rover LR 23.2L I6

Land Rover LR3 4.0L V6 4.4L V6

Land Rover LR4 5.0L V8

Land Rover Discovery 3.0L V6 Supercharged

Land Rover Range Rover 3.0L V6 Supercharged 5.0L V8 Supercharged

Land Rover Range Rover Sport and SVR 5.0L V8 Supercharged

Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2.0L I4 Turbo 3.0L V6 Supercharged

How Our Range Rover Service in Dubai Works?

Here at Deutsches Auto Service Center, we aim to provide world class Range Rover repair in Dubai guided by experts, and supported by upgraded software and advanced tools.

Once you handover your car to us, it is now our responsibility. Our Range Rover technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and share the inspection report with you in the maintenance procedure.:

Owner of the vehicle will be consulted prior to making any changes or service to the vehicle. Here at DAS Center, we pledge to take you through a premium customer service experience, by availing our service, you will get:

Range Rover Repair Service

Range Rover Repair Service
Zero Hidden Charges

We believe in transparency being the key to a successful endeavor and utmost client’s satisfaction. All our charges will be mentioned on the papers to the last penny.

Our technicians will be in constant touch with you and keep you updated with the service procedure.

Range Rover Repair Service
Master Mechanics

We know and respect your love for your Range Rover which is why we only hire certified and expert technicians advised by our Range Rover service advisor. They provide the most accurate diagnostic for your Range Rover and promise to retain your car to the original shape.

Range Rover Repair Service
Genuine Range Rover Parts

When you come to Deutsches Auto Service Center to repair your Land Rover, you can be assured of originality.

We provide uncompromised service which is why we import all our Range Rover car parts directly from the original equipment manufacturer or authorized dealers.

What is Special About Our Range Rover Service in Dubai?

Be it your Period Maintenance Service (PMS) or sudden breakdown, at our Land Rover garage in Dubai, you can find a plethora of services for your Range Rover under one roof.

A handful of the service that is included in our PMS catalogue are:

Range Rover brake repair and liquid refill

Air filter inspection and maintenance

Range Rover Engine Repair

AC Channel inspection and maintenance

Range Rover transmission repair

Range Rover suspension check & repair

Range Rover Wheel-Alignment Inspection

Tire health checkup (including nuts & bolts)

Vehicle locking system inspection

Overall electrical system checkup

Car cleaning (both exterior and interior)

Range Rover Repair Service

Our Minor Range Rover Service Includes:

  • Range Rover detailing & valeting
  • Range Rover 4d dyno-tuning & chip tuning
  • Excellent polish
  • Range Rover tinting
  • Wheel-refurbishment
  • Range Rover Pre-purchase-inspection (PPI)
  • Range Rover dent removal
  • Range Rover sanitization

Book your slot at our Range Rover workshop today and get a free estimate for your car.

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What to Expect from Our Range Rover Garage in Dubai?

At DAS Center, we believe in integrity, affordability, and permanence. We provide all our clients with a world-class service while maintaining complete transparency.

From the initial health checkup to the delivery of your car, the entire process will be documented and supervised by Range Rover vehicle specialists who are highly trained and qualified for their jobs.

Our Land Rover Repair in Dubai Catalogue:

Range Rover Repair Service


15,000 KM Oil Change, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Carbon air Filter, Car Inspection 899 AED
30,000 KM Minor Service, Brake Pads (Front + Rear), Inspections 1,899 AED
60,000 KM Minor Service, Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections, Transmission Oil Inspection 2,999 AED
80,000 KM Minor Service + Inspection 899 AED
100,000 KM and more Minor Service Brake Pads Spark Plugs All Fluids Inspections 3,699 AED

What can be more fun than a hassle free and affordable maintenance service for your car?
To experience an unrivaled service, book your slot today.

Complementary Range Rover Services We Offer At DAS Center

We are a lot more than a Range Rover service center in Dubai. We are client centric business, which means, we keep the comfort and satisfaction of our client as the foremost principle for a successful business deal.

As a part of our car maintenance service, we provide:

Valet parking service

Tailored client engagement

Our workshop tour

Drop off-service

Client experience manager.

We take pride in providing car maintenance service to thousands of valuable customers who are now a part of our Deutsches Auto Service family. From luxury to sports cars, we cater our service to all ranges of cars.

Trust and honesty is what forms an integral part of our service and you will be experiencing an ample amount of both throughout the period.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we curated from our clients database that we think might help you learn more about us.

Will my Range Rover warranty get tampered?

We are an authorized service center for a line of premium cars which includes Range Rover. Moreover, a routine service will not void your car’s warranty

How often does my Range Rover need servicing?

It is better to book your PMS for your Range Rover every 10,000 miles or at least once a year whichever comes first.

Do Range Rovers require frequent maintenance?

Range Rover requires the same amount of maintenance like any other luxury cars. Obviously, the frequency changes with the intensity of usage.

How much does a Land Rover service maintenance cost?

There is no fixed maintenance cost as rates are subject to analysis.

How many miles can my Range Rover last?

With the right maintenance and service, your Range Rover car can last more than 1,50,000 miles and still be in its optimum condition.

What is included with your Range Rover service maintenance?

Your range rover service maintenance will include:
Wiring harness inspection

Suspension inspection

Steering system inspection

Power steering hose inspection

Seat belt restraint system inspection

Driveshaft inspection

Fuel line inspection, etc.

What are the most common problems associated with Range Rovers?

Some of the most common issues that you will face with your Range Rover car are:

Gasket failure

Leaking oil

Heater core failure

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