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Volkswagen Service Center in Abu Dhabi

DAScenter is a one-stop European car workshop for all types of Volkswagen services in Abu Dhabi. We strive to provide you with world-class car repairing services at an affordable price range.

No one knows your vehicle better than a Volkswagen Certified Technician.

Our technicians are exceptionally trained and relentlessly dedicated to their work.

After all that’s what modern German engineering needs. Quality of work, a wide range of auto repair services and hassle-free execution

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Why are we recognized as

Best Volkswagen Service Workshop in Abu Dhabi: Making Sure You Are Safe on Road

Deutsches Auto Service Center runs on a strict policy of hiring only industry professionals, making sure you get a premium VW service.

Our Abu Dhabi garage is well-equipped with industry-standard equipment. Guided by an expert Volkswagen service advisor, we dominate the auto repairing market in Abu Dhabi.

Our service advisors always aim to offer superior level maintenance to all the top-end European car models available in the market. From Lamborghini, Ferrari, Range Rover, to Maserati, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, and the royal Rolls-Royce.

Qualified Volkswagen Specialist

Authentic VW Parts & Gears

We use genuine VW car parts and OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of Volkswagen Automotive Parts.


The primary motive behind our workshop’s creation is to provide you with a distinctive range of automobile service, available at a one-tap call.

Only Original VW Parts Used
No Hidden Costs

Matchless Technicians

We work with the top mechanics in the industry completely in line with our goal of ensuring uncompromised car performance and client satisfaction throughout the service period.

It’s time for you to get lucky!

We are offering a 10% discount (on the labor cost) for the first time upon all our VW services!

Our Featured Car Repair Services

Pristine Volkswagen Services Provided
at Our Abu Dhabi Garage

We are frequently approached by our customers for routine servicing as well as highly specialized European car repairs requirements. Therefore, we are always equipped to deal with any needs you might have for your Volkswagen vehicle. We are proud to be the best Volkswagen garage in Dubai.

Check VW oil filter and current oil condition
change oil filter in your VW (if needed)
Check VW air filter and change (if needed)
Check VW AC filter and change (if needed)
Volkswagen Engine coolant refill
Volkswagen Brake fluid refill
Check VW tire bearings
Check VW tire condition, change (if needed)
Thorough check up & cleaning of suspension
Underbody check up
Inspection of door locks, lights, and other electrical items
Testing the front and rear wipers
Cleaning and polishing of the interior of the car
Washing of the exterior body, and tires
Washing & polishing the engine bay

Periodic Volkswagen Inspection &
Maintenance Check-board

The initial inspection or health check-up of your Volkswagen vehicle is essential for our experts to understand the overall condition of your car. Therefore, we cover checking, cleaning, washing, and if needed, replacing preliminary parts at this stage.

As already mentioned, no additional changes will be made without consulting you, and only the latest parts and equipment will be used in the process, as per the guidelines directed by Volkswagen. That being said, here is the periodic Volkswagen car servicing process we carry out at our Abu Dhabi Volkswagen Workshop.

Why Perform Periodic Maintenance of Volkswagen Cars?

Periodic Maintenance Service or PMS of cars are the routine checks of the condition of your car. These are conducted after every interval of certain kilometres. Most people are short-sighted when they try to avoid the immediate expenses of a PMS, when no apparent malfunctioning can be noticed. But just like humans, for cars as well, ‘a stitch in time saves nine”.
When you bring your Volkswagen car for a routine inspection, our VW specialists can identify each and every minute fault that might have been lying there unnoticed. Moreover, timely clean-up, and replacement of perishable parts will increase your car health in the long run. Eventually, car maintenance will be more economically sustainable for you as you won’t have to incur higher damage costs in the future due to negligence.
Why Perform Periodic Maintenance of Volkswagen Cars

Book your Periodic VW Maintenance with us Online, or Drop an Enquiry now!

Fixed price car servicing packages

VW Repair Service Packages
Based On Travel History (In Kilometer)

899 AED
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15,000 KM 1.Oil Change, 2.Oil Filter, 3.Air Filter, 4.Cabin Filter, 5.Car Inspection
1,899 AED
Read More
30,000 KM 1.Minor Service, 2.Brake Pads (Front + Rear), 3.Inspection
2,999 AED
Read More
60,000 KM 1.Minor Service, 2.Brake Pads (Front + Rear), 3.Transmission Oil, 4.Inspection
899 AED
Read More
80,000 KM 1.Minor Service, 2.Inspection
3,799 AED
Read More
100,000 KM and more 1.Minor Service, 2.Brake Pads (Front + Rear), 3.Spark Plugs, 4.All Fluids, 5.Inspection

Our Volkswagen Minor Service Includes

Irrespective of our Volkswagen major services, we have created a wide range of minor services so that you don’t have to hop to other service station for a complete car solution.

Receive the Best Value for Your Money at our
Volkswagen Repair Center

By now, we have served hundreds of loyal customers. In addition, we have repaired, serviced, and restored more than a thousand retro, economic and luxury cars in Abu Dhabi.
We are on of the largest European car workshop to fix all makes and models, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Range Rover, BMW, Lexus, Jaguar, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley

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Highly trained technicians in Abu Dhabi Garage
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VW vehicles repaired every year
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Services provided

Frequently Asked Questions

All our major and minor VW Service costs are given upfront in our pricing page.

Because Volkswagen vehicles use synthetic oil, an oil change is required every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. To make sure you’re getting your oil changed at the proper time, keep track of your previous oil change and your odometer miles.

Because Volkswagen vehicles use synthetic oil, an oil change is required every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. To make sure you’re getting your oil changed at the proper time, keep track of your previous oil change and your odometer miles.

Your Volkswagen’s check engine light may illuminate for a variety of causes, both major and minor. A code reader is required to determine the exact nature of the problem. While a check engine light does not always signify a serious issue, it does warn that your engine requires immediate attention.

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