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Car Brake Repair in Dubai: Brake Pad Replacement

Are you looking for a reliable service center for car brake repair in Dubai?

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Welcome to DAS center, the best car care workshop in Dubai, providing a one-stop solution for all your car-related services with guaranteed service for your peace of mind.

We offer full car brake system inspection to determine the root cause of the issue so that we can cater to you with the best servicing for your luxury car.

Our comprehensive luxury car brake services make sure that the car you driving style is unaffected and completely safe on the road with a properly functioning brake system.

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Why Timely Car Brake Service & Repair is Important for Your Car?

Your vehicle tells you whenever any one of the types of brake parts is not functioning optimally. All it needs to do is keep an open ear. And the same goes for car brakes too.
If you can hear unusual noises and vibrations, or your brake warning light flashes frequently, or your stops are jerky, then maybe it’s time for you to visit a car brake repair workshop.
Undoubtedly your car brakes are one of the essential components of your vehicle, and if any one of the parts starts malfunctioning, then it may result in serious injuries.
At the DAS center, our trained technicians will do a thorough brake inspection of your car supervised by our service advisors, and suggest the service that your car mandates for that moment.
The real reason for a faulty car braking system can only be determined after a comprehensive brake system evaluation by a professional brake specialist.
Our car brakes repair cost is lower than most of the car brake replacement service providers in Dubai. We cater the best, keeping complete integrity while we work.
We specialize in providing affordable auto brake repair service without compromising on quality, which is why we are a favorite among our customers.

At our European car workshop, we perform numerous car brakes repair services in Dubai every day, and some of the most common services for a car brake repair that we perform are

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Different Types of Car Brake Service and Replacement

Your car has a variety of braking systems, and at our car brakes repair shop, you will get service for exactly the part where repairing or replacement is required.

At the DAS center, we believe transparency is key to guaranteed customer satisfaction, so we will do an inspection of your car right before and provide you with thorough diagnostic reports

Service Brake Replacement

It is the regular braking system that is designed so that you can slow down your vehicle and bring it to a halt. They usually include disc brakes and drum brakes. Most vehicles like cars and trucks have a four-wheel disc, brake discs on the front, and drums on the back.

A disc brake consists of a disc brake rotor. This rotor is attached to the wheel, and the caliper is responsible for holding the disc brake pads. Disc brakes are more effective and efficient than drum brakes

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Emergency Brakes Replacement

These are also known as parking brakes and are a secondary system of brakes present in the car apart from the service brakes.

They work independent of service brakes, and you will find different types of emergency brakes in a vehicle, including- third soft brake pedal, a stick lever between the passenger and the driver, followed by a push button.

Emergency brakes are powered by cables, so this applies pressure to the wheels mechanically. Emergency brakes help in keeping the vehicle stationary when they are not moving or parked. You can even use them in emergencies when the stationary brake fails.

Anti-lock Brakes Replacement

This is a new technique, and you will find it only in modern automotives. In case the stationary brake is applied suddenly, the anti-lock brake will prevent the steering wheels from locking up.

Drum Brake Replacement

A drum brake, on the other hand, consists of brake shoes. The brake drum is attached to the wheel. When you pedal the brake, hydraulic pressure presses these brake shoes against the brake drum. This fiction that the drum and brake shoe create helps in slowing down the vehicle.

Car Brake Pad Replacement

Never take a chance when it comes to the essential parts of your car. You can always go for a car brake pads replacement in Dubai if you want to travel on the road carefree by maintaining utmost safety.

With our expert assistance, you can expect an intricate brake system inspection as providing top-quality brake replacement services is one of your fortes

Maintaining your brakes’ performance is essential to avoid accidents and mishaps. So, what are you still waiting for? Bring your car to the Deutsche auto center today and get your car brakes properly diagnosed by the best support team.

Schedule your car brake system repairs with us anytime and get a quick fix.

Car Brake Repair Near Me

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Frequently Asked Questions on
Car Brake Repair in Dubai

Deutsche Auto Service offers brake lines service packages starting from 250 AED per front or rear brake pads with up to 30,000 Km or 3 years warranty on pads or shoes.
It is very hard to detect Brake fluid leaks. Bring your car to the DAScenter, and our expert team of experienced mechanics will do a detailed inspection of your vehicle to find out the issues.
There is no fixed duration. Whenever you are facing trouble with your car, you should go for brake checks.
When your brake pads have uneven wear and tear, your brakes may start to vibrate. If you are facing such an issue, immediately go for a brake pad replacement.
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