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    Mercedes Repair Dubai | Mercedes Service Center & Workshop

    Have you ever experienced a car breakdown in harsh Dubai weather condition?

    If yes, then you would agree with us that bringing your car to the best Mercedes repair service center in Dubai for periodic maintenance is a smart decision you can make.

    Which is why, we here at DAS center deliver the state-of-the art Mercedes repair and maintenance to ensure your Mercedes keeps running on road.

    Our Mercedes specialists in Dubai workshop are highly trained for European cars. All their works are constantly monitored and documented for a transparent business deal.

    At Deutsches Auto Service Center, we only hire expert technicians for your Mercedes. We are geared up with industry-standard equipment and expert advisors who are at the core of our German car workshop.

    We thrive to provide premium level Mercedes maintenance to our esteemed clientele. The good thing is, we have not limited ourselves to a single brand.

    From Rolls-Royce to Bugatti, we provide our top-notch car maintenance service in Dubai for all premium and luxury cars.

    What Makes Deutsches Auto the Best Mercedes Repair Center in Dubai?

    At Deutsches Auto, we let our work speak for itself. Assuring quality and genuinity in every step, we believe in providing Dealer Level quality at an affordable price.
    What Services you can expect from Mercedes Benz service center Dubai:

    Authentic Mercedes Parts

    We share an equal love and compassion for engines and we hate people who mess with them. At Deutsches Auto, we only provide authentic car parts that will keep your Mercedes engine running for a lifetime.
    All our Mercedes car parts are imported directly from the largest manufacturers or from authorized dealers. We take guarantee of all the parts that have been installed by our Mercedes specialists.

    Expert Technicians

    Here you can find top class technicians from the industry who ensure uncompromised car performance post Mercedes service.


    We don’t limit our options to a particular brand or service. From Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) to deep cleaning of your vehicle, you will find a complete service solution all under one-roof at our Mercedes garage in Dubai.

    Transparency and Integrity

    Nothing beats the experience and satisfaction of a transparent business deal. We deliver what we promise, if more not less. We maintain complete transparency between us and our customer.

    From the moment we touch your car, each and every moment of inspection, service, and delivery will be recorded and documented. Apart from providing top-notch Mercedes repair services, we promise transparent communication and hassle free service journey.

    Walkthrough Our Mercedes Repair Workshop in Dubai

    As soon as you walk in, you will be hosted by one of our Mercedes service advisor. Soon after, we will be inspecting your vehicle upfront and let you know the type of service needed for your Mercedes.

    Generally, after the first 10,000 KM, your vehicle will need an oil and filter change to keep your engine running smoothly. Though, there is no hard-and-fast catalogue that we run by, this is a prerequisite service that you need if you want to keep your car engine roaring.

    Our Mercedes Benz Major Service includes:

    Our Dubai Mercedes workshop includes the following major services

    • Mercedes engine repair and maintenance that includes oil check, air filter change, etc.
    • Mercedes brake repair and brake liquid refill(if necessary).
    • Mercedes transmission repair
    • Mercedes AC Repair & Services
    • Assessment of cooling levels
    • Complete tire health check (including nuts & bolts)
    • Mercedes suspension repair
    • Inspection of headlight and fog light
    • Complete spillage assessment

    We always remain a step ahead than the rest by providing a technologically powered platform for all German cars. our Mercedes repair workshop is equipped with 2400hp 4WD DYNO from DYNO-DYNAMICS which is rarely used in UAE. We reach every extent to provide our client with the service they expected from us.

    It’s time for you to get lucky! We are offering a 10% discount
    (on the labor cost) for the first time
    upon all our Mercedes services

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    Our Mercedes Benz Minor Service Includes:

    Here at Das Center we take care of every minute detail of your precious Mercedes Benz. Following are our minor Mercedes services

    • Car wheel check and refurbishment
    • Mercedes 4d dyno-tuning & chip tuning
    • Complete diagnosis and fine-tuning of the car parts
    • Mercedes dent removal
    • Car valeting and remodelling
    • Mercedes tinting
    • Pre-purchase inspection and service
    • Mercedes body repair
    • Car cleaning (both interior and exterior)
    • Mercedes sanitization
    • ABS/ESP/ESR diagnostic service
    • Battery inspection

    Frequently Asked Questions on Mercedes Repair Service in Dubai

    Why is Mercedes oil change so expensive?

    Mercedes also falls under the prices and cost sensitivity, because so many people own Mercedes vehicles in the UAE, so they are concerned about the repair part as well.

    What does auxiliary battery malfunction mean?

    It means that your car’s battery needs to be replaced and you need to take it to a Mercedes garage immediate.

    What are the jobs included in major MB Service center?

    Generally all fluids and filters, spark plugs and Brakes, need periodic inspection. When you take your car to a Mercedes workshop, a service advisor will guide you through every detail about the repair and service process.

    What is a job included in minor MB Service center?

    It is also a part of the periodic Mercedes maintenance but the frequency is less. Generally, it includes Oil service plus Air/A-C filters replacement, etc.

    There is some vibration and knocking sound coming from the front side under the car, what is the possible problem?

    It could be a sign which may mean that the suspension components have failed and requires immediate attention.

    How important is engine oil and service?

    Your engine oil will have a direct impact on your Mercedes longevity. Which is why whenever you go for Mercedes Benz repair, we suggest a proper oil change.

    When should I replace my engine coolant?

    You should change your Mercedes engine coolant every 30,000-40,000 miles and even sooner if you are living in a cold climate country where the temperature drops below freezing point.

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