6 Tips to Protect Your Suzuki from Extreme Heat & Sunlight

6 Tips to Protect Your Suzuki from Extreme Heat & Sunlight
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Nobody enjoys getting into their automobile after it has been in the sun for a very long time. It turns out that it’s not only really unpleasant but also bad for the car.

It may surprise you to learn that parking your automobile in the sun and heat for an extended period of time can harm it. For instance, your car’s exterior and interior could both be harmed by the sun’s UV radiation. In addition, the paint may dry and begin to patch up, or worse, your dashboard may start to show signs of cracking.

You can use these Tips to protect your Suzuki from intense heat and sunlight to prevent all these issues from confronting you one day.

1. Install seat covers

After prolonged exposure to sunlight, seats made of leather and cloth are prone to deterioration. If that’s the case, covering them in seat covers is a terrific method to preserve their novelty. This seat covers also have the added benefit of keeping your seats cool.

2. Ensure a good washing cycle

Giving your car a wash every so often will help to temper the sun’s anger. In addition, your car’s wash cycle should be effective so that dust and other debris that tarnishes the exterior’s overall finish are routinely removed. In this way, the paint on your car won’t chip away as easily over time.

3. Avoid parking in the sun

Find parking spaces in the shade for your vehicle since it is one of the easiest ways to protect it from intense heat and sunlight. Even while, at times, it seems monotonous, doing it is essential to giving your car a long life. Additionally, while parked, be aware that the shade will move every hour due to the sun’s movement throughout the day. So decide where to go accordingly.

4. Wax the exterior

Make it a point to give the exterior of your car a thick coat of wax every few months. This provides it with additional UV protection. Additionally, it makes your car appear incredibly shiny.

5. Make use of sun film

Your car’s interior is shielded from UV rays by sun film. It is advantageous for the health of your car, but it is also helpful for keeping you cool on sweltering summer days when the air conditioner is insufficient. Such movies have, however, historically generated controversy in India. As a result, the Indian government outlawed them in 2012, but they are permitted as long as the visible light transmission stays within a certain range. To be considered legal, the sun film must have a VLT of at least 70 and 50% on your car.

6. Check up on tire pressure

Underinflated tires and hot pavement are a recipe for disaster. Make sure to check the tire pressure and maintain it at the levels advised by your manufacturer because it can cause blowouts.

These are the only pieces of advice you need to keep in mind in to shield your car from intense heat and sunlight.

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