Land Rover (Range rover) Common Problems

land rover common problems
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The epitome of luxury, Land Rover is one of the finest luxury cars in the premium sector. Not only in the United Arab Emirates, Land Rover is a popular name in every country because of its smooth driving experience and luxury spacing.  It is one of the most popular cars in the premium SUV segment. 

However, that doesn’t stop it from developing its own problems. There are some of the most common Land Rover issues that every car owner of any range of Land Rover automobiles faces. 

Few Land Rover Common Issues That Needs to be Addressed 

  • Problems with Air Suspension

One of the major problems that every Land Rover owner faces is the problem with their Air suspension. Land Rovers are reliable in a lot of aspects but air suspension isn’t one of them. 

The air suspension improves the quality of ride in any car. And you can imagine the pain an owner needs to go through if their car isn’t functioning properly. 

Land Rover, despite being one of the most comfortable automobiles, has a big-time Air Suspension problem. The first six years of riding a Land Rover is one of the smoothest experiences that you can have. 

But right after that, the deterioration of the air Suspension of the car starts.  Eventually, the owner needs to spend thousands on the maintenance of the car to replace the worn-out suspension. 

  • Water Leaks from the Sunroof

Another common problem with Land Rovers that only an owner would know is water leakage from the sunroof. The most common cause for this is pinched sunroof drains. 

  • Oil Leaks and Electrical Issues 

Every car owner needs to go through car issues like oil leaks and electrical issues. Regardless of how expensive your car is, this is a common issue for every range of cars. 

The primary reasons for this are head gasket failures and heater core failures. Land Rovers have a habit of spilling oils before the vehicle even hits 60,000 miles. 

Valve cover gaskets and cooler lines are where the oil leaks start. Thus, keeping a regular check on the engine oil in your Land Rover and timely oil change is a must to avoid certain leaks and electrical failures.

  • Failure of the Parking Brake

Parking brake failure is one of the common faults in Land Rover. You press the brakes, there is a screeching sound that is unbearable, and unexpected from a Land Rover. 

It happens because the parking brake goes out of alignment over time after prolonged usage and needs to be readjusted. Whenever you visit a car service in Dubai, make sure to get your brake systems checked. Because timely health checks of the crucial car parts can often save from an accident.

  • Malfunctioning Airbags

Apart from their premium looks, people buy luxury cars because of their malfunctioning safety features. 

However, numerous times, Land Rovers owners have complained of malfunctioning airbags in their vehicles. 

The most common reasons behind this, as suggested by expert engineers, are wire breakage due to misalignment of the steering columns and airbag springs. The airbag may not deploy or deploy incorrectly because of the misalignment. 

Faulty Airbags have a reputation for causing finger amputation and laceration when deployed incorrectly. 

  • Problems With the Steering Shafts

When you drive a Land Rover and you hear sounds while steering, then you are facing one of the common issues. This may be because your vehicle’s steering shaft may be broken. The issue is primarily faced while taking turns in average speed. 

Final Words

So, if you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues in your Land Rover, then make sure you take it to your nearest Land Rover service center and get it fixed at its earliest to prevent any major damage. 

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