Ferrari Purosangue 2022 Review: The Latest Addition to The Ferrari Family

latest addition to ferrari family
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The famous Italian luxury sports car company Ferrari is finally preparing for the launch of its SUV after a long time, almost 20 years after its rival brands and we are excited to share what we know so far.

Releasing with top-notch engines like V6, Hybrid V8, and V12, Ferrari is going to push its limit this time with the all new Purosangue.

Recently Ferrari Purosangue announced that they are soon going to bring their latest model to the race. We now know Purosangue will be on the market with an advanced V12 engine with 800 horsepower, a composition no other rivals are offering as of now and this gives Ferrari a flaunting privilege.

It goes 0 to 62 miles per hour in around 3 seconds with a top speed of 200 miles per hour (320 kilometer per hour).

The Chief Marketing Officer of Ferrari,  Enrico Galliera told Auto Express, adding hybrid powers to the V12 could add too much load so we can anticipate this car to operate without electric power.

Possibly arriving a little bit later is a hybrid V8 option that will adopt and design technology from SF90 Stradale but with an added hybrid unit attached at the rear with its dual-clutch transmission.

Though not to overshadow the V12 version, the V8 model will be released with its stability downgraded a little bit.

It is speculated as of now, the V6 model will arrive much later with an edition of 296 GTB’s 803 hp.

The Ferrari Purosangue prices are starting from 400,000 onwards and the Ferrari Purosangue launch date is set at early 2022.

Ferrari Purosangue: An Entirely New Driving Attire

Blueprint of the Purosangue’s front engine shows that there is not enough room for motors so they will be attached to the rear. It is safe to presume that the V12 and V8 will take power from the front end for the front axle.

V12 will come with four-wheel steering and basic rear-wheel-drive transmission along with a genuine and sophisticated sports car experience.

Ferrari purosangue specification

Spacious interior:

Ferrari officially announced the Purosangue will be convenient enough for four adults at best. There are also rumours of it having a Suicide Door which means rear-hinged rear doors.

Displaying the same digital appliances pack consisting of the latest multi-function steering wheel and head-up display much like SF90.

Additionally, there will be an individual screen for front-seat travellers over the glovebox with a standard entertainment station in the console for the back seat. 

Height flexible suspension mode

The Ferrari Purosangue SUV will launch with Ferrari’s first height flexible suspension mode. The most common choice is air springs, but Ferrari may have something surprisingly new to offer, trusted secret sources say the Purosangue will feature a “new groundbreaking suspension” for a greater performance.

Is Purosangue really an SUV?

Ferrari likes to refer to the Purosangue as an FUV or Ferrari Utility Vehicle rather than an SUV. The fact is most Ferrari models are recognized as FU vehicles, so the company is not exactly wrong.

The exact height of Purosangue has not been made public as of yet but with a sharp eye, we say it is safe to assume that it is more of a crossbreed vehicle than an SUV and comes with a roofline lower than Bentayga or a Urus.

Ferrari Purosangue Prices:

The most budget-friendly Ferrari car is the Roma which comes around $222,000 so do not assume the Purosangue to have lower prices.

For comparison purposes, GTC4 Lusso V8 is $263K and a whopping $303K for V12 which the Purosangue successfully replaced.

It is assumed that the Ferrari Purosangue will drift around 3,50,000 US dollars.

Are there more possible SUVs being made from Ferrari?

To answer that, yes there are two Ferrari SUVs to be announced in near future. The two upcoming 100 percent electric SUVs from Ferrari are codenamed F244 and F245 to be released in sometime 2024 and 2026 respectively.

Additionally, they said the models will contain up to 4 electric motors, have a battery with a base volume of an 80-kilowatt hour which may sound small but hopefully, the 610 horsepower output would help.

The rival models Purosangue has to beat;

Cullinan by Rolls Royce

Top speed – 155 miles per hour

Torque – 627 lb. ft

Zero to 60 mph – 5.0 seconds

Engine – 4.0 twin-turbo V8

Power – 563 horsepower

Price – $384,750 onwards

Mercedes – Maybach GLS 600

Top speed – 155 miles per hour

Torque – 538 lb. ft

Zero to 60 mph – 4.8 seconds

Engine – 4.0 twin-turbo V8

Power – 550 horsepower

Price – $161,550 onwards

Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo by Porsche

Top speed – 155 miles per hour

Torque – 774 lb. ft

Zero to 60 mph – 2.7 seconds

Engine – 93.4 kWh battery, two electric motors

Power – 750 horsepower

Price – $187,600 onwards

Bentayga by Bentley W12

Top speed – 190 miles per hour

Torque – 664 lb. ft

Zero to 60 mph – 3.9 seconds

Engine – 6.0 twin-turbo W12

Power – 626 horsepower

Price – $245,000 onwards

Urus by Lamborghini

Top speed – 190 miles per hour

Torque – 627 lb. ft

Zero to 60 mph – 3.2 seconds

Engine – 6.0 twin-turbo W12

Power – 641 horsepower

Price – $207,326 onwards

Aston Martin DBX

Top speed – 181 miles per hour

Torque – 516 lb. ft

Zero to 60 mph – 4.3 seconds

Engine – 4.0 twin-turbo V8

Power – 542 horsepower

Price – $179,986 onwards

Pushing the Limit

It’s already confirmed by Ferrari that the Purosangue is based on the same platform as the Roma GT model.

Michael Leiter, Ferrari’s Chief Technology Officer said we’d have two families of architecture – front- and rear-engine families.

We have a 2+2, we have a 4+, he added that the SUV’s platform is capable of accepting either V6, V8 or V12 engines, which suggests the Purosangue could be available with an added hybrid module, similar in design to the unit found in the SF-90 Stradale.

We cannot wait to see what Ferrari is keeping behind the curtains.

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