5 Reasons Why an Audi Vibrates at Highway Speed

5 reasons why an audi vibrates at highway speed
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When you have had a car for long enough, you are bound to be noticing some auto problem or the other. And that is entirely normal. In addition, there may be some parts that need to be looked into and changed. And you can do this quite easily by visiting your local mechanic. However, even though all of this may seem easy, we understand you being worried or anxious if your car does not function correctly. 

If you own a luxury car, there is all the more reason for your distress. Your naturally fast and smooth-running vehicle does not run as smoothly.

 In addition, the car becomes uncomfortable to drive, which could also make you anxious. A vibrating Audi is not a good sign. It is the condition of a vehicle having some terrible problem.

The first thing you must do if your Audi is vibrating is to visit your local mechanic and get them to identify the cause. Generally, it could signify that a part may have to be removed, which you must do soon to protect the other car components. Here are the five primary reasons your Audi is vibrating at higher speeds.

5 Causes why your Audi starts vibrating at Highway Speed

1. Bad Tires- 

Tires are one of the primary and most common causes that your vehicle starts to vibrate at higher speeds. Since tires play an extremely vital role in the vehicle’s running, any problems with them would undoubtedly result in issues with your car. While bare tires make it difficult for you to apply brakes to your car, flat tires can cause vibrations in your vehicle. Thus, your car’s tires must have enough air distributed evenly to run smoothly. Bad tires are simple problems that a car mechanic can fix quickly.

2. Unbalanced wheels or lousy wheel alignment-

As mentioned before, the wheels or tires of a car are critical components responsible for your car’s smooth running. Just like a flat tire would cause vibrations in your car at higher speeds, tires being unbalanced would also cause shaking in your vehicle. 

But what exactly do unbalanced tires mean? This problem generally refers to the alignment of the tires of your car. For example, if the tires in your car are too small or not of the standard size, your vehicle will not run properly, resulting in your car shaking. Also, the rotation of tires needs to be aligned, which would otherwise cause vibration in your vehicle.

3. Damaged tires-

One of the most common causes of your vehicle shaking or vibrating is tire damage. You must first physically examine all the tires in your cars for signs of damage. These could manifest as cracks, bulges, cuts, and uneven wear. However, sometimes you won’t be able to locate tire damage so quickly.

For example, if a belt breaks inside any tire, you won’t be able to see it. And this can happen to brand new tires as well. In such cases, you must visit your local mechanic to get the tires fixed.

4. Damage to the rim-

Another cause of your Audi vibrating at higher speeds could be a bent rim. Rim damage is generally a result of obstacles on the road like speed bumps or a curb. You could also land a damaged rim if you drive your deep potholes too quickly. To solve this problem, just balancing the wheels would not be enough; you would have to replace the damaged rim of the wheels. Even if you don’t find any damage to the rim, it could be a case of an uneven diameter rim. A good mechanic would be able to tell rim damage by mounting it on a wheel balancing machine.

5. Bad wheel bearings-

A defective wheel bearing may be another cause of your Audi vibrating at high speeds. If you hear grinding noises in the cabin when you are driving straight, knocking sounds when you are cornering, or if your vehicle is vibrating, there may be signs of a bad wheel bearing in your car. And this shaking only increases when you drive at higher speeds. You must get this checked out at a good car service.

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If you have noticed any of the above signs with your luxury car, it is time for you to visit an Audi workshop near you. However, it isn’t easy to trust every provider with luxury vehicles like an Audi. But fret not because we have got you covered!

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