Audi e-tron vs BMW X3 M

audi e-tron vs bmw x3
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When it comes to cars, everyone tries to pick the best. Comparing one from the other and then opting for the one that suits all your needs is something that every car owner has to go through. There are many factors that people look for when planning to buy a car of their own.

All mindsets will not be the same. Let us look into the BMW X3 M vs Audi e-tron comparison and see which one is better and on what basis is one better than the other-

Audi e-tron vs BMW X3 M Comparison

Comparison in terms of car and price

Audi e-tron

This car comes from German engineering and has launched e-tron, the latest model that symbolizes modernity and luxury. The interiors are designed in such a way that the sunroof has a panoramic view and comes with a virtual cockpit, powered by a four-spoke steering wheel.

Audi e tron comes with a button that has control of the climate of four zones and also has a camera with 360 degrees. You will definitely fancy the lighting of the car. It is really ambient and comes with a charging pad for wireless charging.

This model has two versions: e-tron 50 and e-tron 55. The word ‘e -tron’ in Audi signifies enjoyment while you drive.


This vehicle is the first one to ever have x3 power. Those owning this car will value its great performance in terms of new engine tuning and its basic internal components.

When this is compared to other BMWs, the interiors, the great back seat happens to be adult-friendly. It has great space for keeping luggage which will make it super -splendid, in all segments, be it seating capacity, spaciousness and the design.

This is the first time in history that BMW has brought the performance-oriented x3 version. The great performance and smart-looking vehicle of the SUV family are all that one will get their eyes on.

General Specification of the Audi e-tron and BMW X3M

Audi e-tron specifications: This fully automatic car comes with an e-Quattro all-wheel-drive system that has great technology of intelligence and the latest version of charging capabilities. This hybrid automobile is best when compared to those gas-powered and are reliable for long and short journeys without much problem and hesitations.

Maximum power comes to about 300bhp@rpm and the maximum torque to 670 nm@rpm.
The seating capacity is a maximum of 5. It is shaped in the form of a coupe.

The Audi e-tron is Also Equipped With

  1. Virtual Cockpit.
  2. Adaptive air-suspension
  3. Progressive steering
  4. Anti-lock braking system
  5. They have front lights that are fog-resistant
  6. Top speed comes to about 200 Kmph
  7. App and software integrations


BMW X3M specifications: the best part of this sports car is its brakes, which are super when compared to any other car. The brakes are extraordinary not only in terms of pedal-free but also when it comes to the performance.

This has an automatic gear system consisting of 8 gears and allows you to control the speed making sure it goes on the right gear at all times.

This has the ability to speed the maximum to 100kmph in just 5 seconds minimum. It reaches the highest speed of 250kmph and has a power of around 480 bhp at 6250rpm.

The infotainment is completely touch screen and comes with a physical volume knob in the centre where you can control or have control on the steering wheel, with just a touch.

BMW X3M Specifications Include

  1. Wireless Apple Carplay
  2. Android auto
  3. All wheel drive
  4. Wifi hotspot
  5. Charging spots throughout the cabin
  6. Whistles and bells can be added according to customization.


Audi e-tron v/s BMW X3M: Price

Audi e-tron Price: The price of these models are in between AED 382,500-425,000(approximately)

BMW X3M Price: It costs somewhere around AED 413,600 (approximately)

Audi e-tron Vs BMW X3M : Pros and Cons

Audi e-tron: Every one of us loves to drive with ease and not losing much money on petrol and stopping by each time for petrol. Being chargeable, we can charge at any time without having to wait for long. A night full is enough for the car to get charge which is faster and safer. Smooth in driving performance and very spacious especially the built of the cabin and that is what grabs the eyes.

A con that comes with e-tron is that its full power driver range is not up to the mark.

BMW X3M: being one of the most luxurious cars, it comes with a powerful aesthetics and the cabin is made with sheer craftsmanship. The handling and overall performance are phenomenal. Comes with regenerative braking and extra storage space.

The basic cons of this automobile are the ride at times becomes stiff and the options are pricey for a CBU. Keyless entry is not enabled.

Engine and Transmission

Audi e-tron: e-tron, being a heavy vehicle, they have 2 electric motors, where one is located at the front axle and the other at the rear. In the case of functioning, it is the rear gear that plays a major role. In terms of ride, they are smooth and come in a great quality ride with confirmed luxury bona fees.

BMW X3M: This luxury vehicle is powered by a 2993 cc engine that is now available with the transmission of an automated version, in the market. Here they have choices of transmission either 6-speed manual or 8-speed automated.

Take Away
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