All about Al Ain Raceway

All about Al Ain Raceway
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Sportplex is the region’s largest outdoor sports complex. The arena provides a variety of outdoor activities, including go-karting. Al Ain Raceway is a separate circuit built to world standards for go-karting.

The Raceway is unique in that it has hosted some of the world’s largest go-karting events.

Let’s look deeper and get to know all about Al Ain Raceway’s go-karting facilities, prices, and schedules.


The International Circuit, Indy, and Club Circuit are the three tracks at the Raceway. With a total length of 1.6 kilometres, the Al Ain Raceway International Kart Circuit is the longest course. The track was designed to international standards and can accommodate international racing events. Aside from that, the Club Circuit, with 14 bends and a length of 0.9 km, is the second longest. On the other hand, the Indy Circuit features nine bends and is 0.75 km long.

These tracks can be used by drivers of all skill levels and ages. The age ranges are as follows: 7 to 11 years (Mini), 12 years or more (Club), 16 years or more (Pro), and more than 16 years (More than 16 years) (RD1 Elite).

Like courses, Karts utilized at the track are outfitted with cutting-edge technology. For example, the karts have a steering wheel that is technologically advanced, akin to the F1 steering wheel. In addition, the steering wheel contains a screen that displays the driver’s racing position and other crucial information.


The raceway is a cutting-edge go-karting facility in the UAE. The Raceway offers a variety of activities, and we’ve highlighted a few of them here.


The Rotax MAX Challenge is one of the most important karting races on the calendar. The Al Ain Raceway kart circuit attracts 264 drivers from 60 different nationalities. Drivers that qualify for the National Rotax MAX Challenge are eligible to race for UAE. To represent your country in this single largest karting event, however, drivers must put in years of practice and hard work.


Drivers can join small groups for go-karting using the Arrive and Drive option. Prior to driving on the track, the drivers are given a quick introduction to karting as well as vital safety guidelines. The Arrive and Drive are regarded as great for karting practice because drivers from many categories race together, and the activity is very inexpensive.

The Arrive and Drive service is available every day of the week. This facility has the following fees:

  • Non-members pay AED 120, while members pay AED 60. (members).
  • Club drivers are charged AED 60 (members) and AED 120 (non-members) (non-members).
  • Pro drivers are charged AED 140 (non-members) and AED 70 (members) (members).
  • Non-members pay AED 250, while members pay AED 125. (members).


Individuals over the age of 16 can compete in the Open Race event. Before the main event, all of the drivers practice on tracks. At the end of every event, the best three performers get prizes. The Al Ain Raceway hosts open races in three different formats.


It is a public kart race in which all of the drivers participate in a 10-minute lap round. The best racers will compete in the qualifying session (20-minute lap) and the final race (20 minutes lap).


Aside from open races and events, Al Ain Raceway is an excellent venue to learn karting. To train novice drivers, the arena has a separate karting school. The racing school is divided into five sections. After successfully graduating, drivers can join the Al Ain Raceway Kart Club and compete in various racing events.

If paid in instalments, each module will cost AED 350. If purchased in advance, the entire module will cost AED 1500. Private tuition and individual training sessions are available in addition to a school.


Private lessons are one-on-one sessions with professional drivers on the course. This on-the-spot instruction aids in the improvement of driving abilities. The tuition programs on rental karts are divided into driving and verbal sessions.

A 30-minute session costs AED 420, and a 60-minute session costs AED 790. The expenses will be increased to AED 1050 if you drive a Rotax Engine Kart.


The Association of Racing Kart Schools (ARKS) test is a training facility for passing the Emirates Motor Sports Organisation (EMSO) test, which is required to obtain a professional kart racing license. The test centres use properly qualified and certified persons who brief drivers on various racing areas they must understand to obtain a license. In addition to the test, a medical examination is required for the license.

Following each session, the trainer will administer a written examination to assess the drivers’ abilities. Individuals who pass both the written and medical tests are encouraged to apply for the National Karting Licence.


If you want to go go-karting on the track, you can join the club and become a member. Aside from the obvious, membership will allow you to compete in the UAE Rotax MAX Challenge. The following membership options are available:

  • The standard annual membership fee is AED 252.
  • Silver annual membership is AED 4,200.
  • Gold membership costs AED 10,500, while Gold Plus membership costs AED 15,750.

This was everything about the Al Ain Raceway, which is located at the Sportplex. The circuit has hosted some of the largest international karting events in history. It also provides several opportunities to study and practice karting. So if you’re interested in karting, look through these used go-karts for sale in Abu Dhabi and get your own go-kart to start practising right now.

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