10 Glaring Problems With Mercedes-Benz Everyone Ignores

mercedes glaring problems
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Mercedes-Benz, or simply Mercedes, is a German brand located in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. Mercedes-Benz manufactures both luxury and commercial automobiles. In 1926, the first Mercedes-Benz automobiles were created. 

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most well-known automobile brands in the world for a reason. It’s because Mercedes, to their credit, produces a long list of stunning, eye-catching vehicles every year. However, just as beauty is just skin deep, we must look beyond how things appear on the surface. 

There have been enough flaws with the interiors of most Mercedes-Benz vehicles to dissatisfy many owners around the globe. So, before you make your next investment, consider the following complaints to avoid getting disappointed in the same way.

Mercedes Benz, like other luxury cars, has a slew of obvious flaws that everyone ignores. It is not a good idea to ignore a problem. I’m going to discuss 10 significant problems with Mercedes-Benz. Continue reading to fully comprehend every problem. I write each problem in a clear and detailed manner. 

Thrust Linkage Bushings Have Been Known To Crack

Thrust link bushings belong to a rubber tube filled with hydraulic fluid that can be found on the front axle for those of our viewers who aren’t car experts. These are vitally important to the car’s operation and, if broken, can spell tragedy. 

The Mercedes-Benz is frequently associated with catastrophe, as these identical bushings have been known to split open suddenly, leaking all of the fluid inside and spreading it throughout the vehicle. When this fluid is lost, it usually results in a generated ride and possible tyre degradation.

Failure of the Air Suspension

When it comes to the more airmatic elements, there have been a few reported concerns with Mercedes-Benz, but the air suspension failure is the most common Mercedes Benz problem. Air suspension was first introduced to Mercedes-Benz automobiles in the year 2000. In principle, the corporation should have mastered this technology by now, but air suspension bags and air suspension relays continue to fail in their automobiles. Clearly, the company still has a great deal of work to do to correct the situation.

Misfires in the Engine

The longer a motorist drives their automobile, the more the engine wears down as a result of use, therefore it is suggested that spark plugs be replaced at that moment. This is normal; there’s nothing wrong with it except for the fact that some owners experience engine misfiring before their car arrives ten thousand miles. This can be remedied in the same way that other automobiles do by replacing the fuel pump, however, the rate at which owners encounter this problem on their engine is concerning.

Leaks of Oil

After 1995, every Mercedes-Benz vehicle had an electrical gearbox system. It’s a terrific system and innovation in terms of technology updates, but one typical concern is that the mechanical transmission issues frequently cause carbon design due to an oil leak. Because of the computerised gearbox system’s fragility, an oil leak in a Mercedes-Benz presents a far more concerning situation.

Differential Leaks are a type of leak that occurs when there is a difference between other leaks

Oil leaks aren’t the only problems that property owners face. Mercedes-Benz has also been known to experience differential leaks, especially in high-mileage vehicles in the Old ford series. The gear seals, wheel seals, and differential covers are the most common sources of leaks, and they are caused by these elements growing damaged as they age. Users of Mercedes-Benz vehicles are more prone to have these troubles than users of other manufacturers

Rusts quickly

We all know that cars rust fast when they aren’t utilised, but Mercedes-Benz models have a reputation for rusting out readily and rapidly on older, used, and even newer models. What’s perhaps more surprising is how many places rust may appear on an automobile. Rust has been observed to form along with the flooring, under the wheel wells, on the bumpers, front suspension, beneath the driver’s and rider’s seats, and even behind the licence plate.

Brake Pressure is Low

Many Mercedes-Benz automobiles have Sensotronic Brake Control, or SBC, which is an electrical braking system that provides a high-pressure brake fluid flow that is particularly effective in the emergency braking system. The only issue arises when the SBC system fails, which is a typical occurrence. When we say failure, we’re talking about when the car immediately slows down and stops instead of braking when it’s supposed to.

Catalytic converters that have been Worn Out

Catalytic converters have been reported to be worn out after only seventy thousand miles by certain owners. These catalytic converters have been found to be either inefficient or clogged, resulting in a slew of new problems, including engine misfires and apprehensions. The check engine light will also illuminate as a result of this. Worse, depending on the model, repairing the exhaust system could be prohibitively expensive.

Insulation is Easily Damaged

This is a problem that owners in hotter parts of the globe have to deal with. Consider California, Arizona, Texas, and other states in the United States. The heat generated in these areas has a significant impact on Benz’s harness wiring insulating. The insulation cracks open due to excessive thermal stress. In countries where it is warm all year, it is difficult to take safeguards to protect the car.

Problems with the Transmission

To its favour, the German brand’s automobiles boast a more powerful five-speed transmission than most on the market, but the elements within it are notoriously problematic. Many users complain of problems with the 13-pin connector and the transmission’s valve body, which cause more damage to the vehicle. Radiator coolant leaks are a regular complaint with the 13-pin connection, which overflows onto the wiring cable and causes damage to the central controller. Meanwhile, bad shifting could be caused by the valve plate.


Maintaining your automobile properly will not only help it retain its worth, but it will also make it safe and dependable. Car service and maintenance entails a wide range of tasks, some of which are difficult to complete at home. Mercedes owners residing in Dubai are advised to go through a periodic maintenance of their Mercedes for a reputed and trusted German car workshop. DAS Center is equipped with the modern infrastructure and expert technicians for all kind of Mercedes Repair in Dubai workshop.

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