I want to buy a used car; how can I know its condition in detail?

I want to buy a used car; how can I know its condition in detail?
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Buying a vehicle is an important step in one’s life. In this day and age and especially in Dubai, the daily commute of the average individual requires a mean of transportation and the most convenient mean of transportation would be purchasing your own vehicle. However, the used market is filled with cars that have been through hell and back and most of their faults are not addressed by the sellers as they only want to clear the vehicle for the most profit.

We understand that such situations are tough for the buyers to purchase a vehicle and invest large sums of money only to find out after purchase that there is more money to spend on repairs due to the negligence of the previous owners.

At Deutsches Auto Service Center we offer Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) to make purchasing a vehicle less stressful and give the buyer the peace of mind making the purchase decision.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection gives you a detailed report on the status of all of the vehicle’s systems. It includes a 33 Point Inspection that assesses the condition of suspension, engine, transmission, differentials, tires, brakes, clutch or torque converter, lights, battery, plus it includes a thorough scan of the vehicle’s computer system and many more….

This should give you the perfect idea of what the vehicle you are planning to purchase has gone through and with the report you can make an educated decision as to buy the vehicle knowing what needs to be maintained in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is inspected in a car? As mentioned in the article, the Pre-Purchase Inspection includes a thorough inspection to every one of the vehicle systems from engine, transmission, suspension, electrical, to brakes, exterior, interior, and more!

How much does vehicle inspection cost? As of April 2021, DAScenter is offering Pre-Purchase Inspection service for 550AED exclusive of Value Added Tax.

When buying a used car, you should pay to have the car inspected before buying? It is recommended to have the vehicle you are interested in to be inspected by a renown service center that offers this service, since you don’t know what the vehicle has gone through in the past, the status of the vehicle’s components can be unknown.
This is a risk many people choose to take which in many cases backfires on the buyer where they find themselves thinking they got a car for a good deal but then many faults start appearing bit by bit costing the buyer more to maintain and repair the vehicle than previously anticipated.
That is why a Pre-Purchase Inspection can save you a lot of time and money, as when you find a vehicle you are interested in buying, putting it through a thorough inspection like the one we do at DAS Center, will reveal all of these hidden faults saving you from the hassle and surprise in the future.

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