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    Car Exhaust System Service in Dubai:
    A Performance Exhaust Upgrade

    Deutsches Auto Service Center has designed the best performance exhaust system for cars in Dubai consisting of highly experienced technicians and performance upgrade auto parts for an unmatched handling .

    Our exhaust shop is handled by exhaust specialists supervised by dedicated service advisors. We developed DAS Center with the only aim to cater a premium range of car service for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

    We offer best-in-quality bespoke exhaust modification and exhaust system repair for all ranges of car models at an affordable price.

    Before you opt-in with the best car exhaust service in Dubai, let’s have a grasp on the architecture of the exhaust chamber.

    What is an exhaust system?

    An exhaust system is designed with the purpose to eliminate toxic emissions a car leaves by directing hydrocarbons away from the occupants in the car.

    An exhaust system reroutes the harmful gases and channels them through a series of pipes; catalytic converters, resonators and mufflers, which helps to cut down noises and reduce air pollution.

    Exhaust System can be categorized in 5 types :

    • Single Exit Type
    • Dual Rear Exit
    • Opposite Dual Exhaust
    • Dual Side Exhaust
    • High-performance Exhaust

    Always keep a periodical check of your entire exhaust system to avoid sudden failure or gas leak. Regular maintenance can help protect your car and keep it safe on the road.

    Book your service appointment with us to get the best car exhausts systems in Dubai

    What are the components of an exhaust system?

    Exhaust system in a car has 3 major components: the exhaust manifold, the muffler and the catalytic converter followed by a downpipe, the lambda sensor and a resonator.

    More or less all the cars have the following exhaust structure

    Exhaust Manifold : It is connected directly to the engine and helps by eliminating the combustion gases out of the car engine. The manifold is designed to have easy curving passages to improve the exhaust flow.

    Downpipe : Helps in connecting the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter, which then leads the exhaust gases out of the turbine chamber into the exhaust system. Downpipe connects the turbo with the rest of the exhaust pipes. Replacing the factory downpipe with bigger ones can come with multiple advantages.

    Catalytic Converter : The converter uses heat and metal to act as catalysts. It consists of metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium which causes the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to react and produce water vapor which is less harmful. It is highly significant as it reduces toxic exhaust gases which then lessen the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

    Muffler : Muffler controls noise of the engine. Mufflers are found in 2 kinds, one that regulates chambers to curtail down noises by extending their energy into the muffler, losing force and volume. The other is designed to lower down back pressure.

    Resonator : It works as a mini muffler that not only eliminates the noise that comes out of the exhaust but also makes it more acceptable.

    Oxygen Sensor : Modern fuel injected cars use o2 sensors (lambda sensors) to have a measure of oxygen present in the exhaust. The computer can use this information to add or subtract fuel to get the ideal mixture for maximum fuel efficiency and performance.

    Exhaust Tips : The final piece of your car exhaust system that delivers a shiny finish.

    DAS Center Is Just a Call Away

    For the best car exhaust modification service in Dubai give us a call at +971 4 323 2832 or WhatsApp us at +971 52 323 2832 to get a custom quote.

    Frequently Asked Question: About Exhaust Repair Service in Dubai

    1What does a modified exhaust do?

    Exhausts can be modified for different purposes, including engine power boost and improved flow over the original exhaust system. Alternatively, for the exhaust’s visual appearance and sound. Whatever the case may be, DAS Center can help you find the best exhaust system for your car.

    2How can I improve my exhaust sound?

    The flow is affected by how the exhaust reroutes the gases, and different designs can result in varying sound outputs. Another crucial factor is the type of metal used, which has an impact on the exhaust system’s resonance and tone.

    We employ T304 Grade Stainless Steel at Deutsches Auto Service Center, which, unlike typical 409 Mild Steel, is resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

    3Does an Exhaust system or muffler boost gas mileage?

    When your car goes through an exhaust modification or replacement, it improves the performance of the engine, as the engine exhales better. This increases efficiency and also improves fuel consumption by using 3% less fuel with the same efficiency.

    4How much does it cost to modify exhaust?

    This varies between one vehicle to another, and depend on the type of CCP performance exhaust system parts you want to work with, like:

    Axle back exhaust systems It can cost around 1000 AED – 4200 AED

    Cat Back exhaust system It costs the same as Axle back exhaust, but the final cost will depend on the thickness and type of steel followed by muffler quality

    High performance mufflers Can cost between 300 AED – 1100 AED, yet the final price depends on the muffler’s material and type of steel thickness.

    Exhaust system tips The above 2 come with quality exhaust system tips, but if you are setting up a custom exhaust system, it can be a little expensive.

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