5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Car Battery

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The first thing that you need to know about car batteries is what purpose do they serve. Yes, they have more purpose than just helping your car start! You must also know why the battery is so crucial. You will find all those answers in this article.

Most cars run on average 12 volt batteries, and they need replacement in intervals of 5 years. However, the longevity of your car battery depends on a number of other factors as well. These factors include usage, seasonal changes, auto care and more. You should also keep in mind that car batteries start to lose their charging capacity over the years and will ultimately need replacement.

The battery of a car plays a crucial part in getting your vehicle to power up. It is responsible for the amount of electricity that all the other electrical components need, to work. 

As mentioned before, batteries don’t and can’t last forever and they will need replacement at some point.

Of course, one of the first signs that your car battery needs replacement is your car not starting. However, that could happen due to other factors as well. So you will need to know more to be sure that your car battery needs replacement. 

Here is everything you need to know about a car battery and the signs for when it needs to be replaced.

The battery of a car is rechargeable and the alternator maintains this battery. As you already know, without the battery you will not be able to start your car. The battery provides electricity to the electrically powered starting motor, which in turn, starts the internal combustion engine. The battery also serves as a surge protector for a car’s computers. Besides that, it provides power to other electrical components like the stereo, windshield wipers and also the lights, when the engine is turned off.

The main components involved in making your vehicle start are as follows-

  • Battery
  • Switch for the ignition
  • Starter relay and,
  • Starter motor

Unquestionable signs that your car battery needs to be replaced

1. Your “check engine” light is on or other such lighting issues- 

You must always be aware of your “check engine” light. If you see that your “check engine” light is on, do not ignore it. That light being illuminated is a surefure way to tell that your car battery or any of the electrical components is not working as it should. 

It could indicate that the alternator is not returning any charge to the battery or that the battery has seen too much wear. Whatever the case, it is absolutely necessary for you to consult a mechanic at this point. If there is a problem with any other component, they could still check your battery and make sure it is working fine.

If you have been facing other issues like dim headlights, this could also mean your car battery is failing. When your car battery does not have enough power to keep the electrical components functioning normally, you would face lighting issues. Your interior lights may also be looking dimmer than usual. It is thus, important to get your car checked out and get your car battery replaced, if needed.

2. You can’t get the ignition to start- 

This is almost a clear-cut sign that your car battery is failing and needs to be replaced. With time, the components inside a car battery start to wear down and thus, leads to problems with your vehicle. As your battery becomes less efficient, it means that the alternator is not lending enough charge to the battery. Ultimately, you may be waiting a few more seconds for your engine to turn over. 

You do not want to be stuck with a non-starting engine so don’t wait for your battery to die out completely before replacing it. If you start noticing a weak or slow start, your battery is probably dying and you need to get it replaced. If you hear a clicking sound when you try to start your car, your car battery may already be dead. So don’t delay in consulting your local mechanic about this issue.

3. Electrical components have been malfunctioning-

 If your car’s door locks or power windows don’t seem as responsive as before, this could mean your battery is wearing down. That is because your battery powers the electrical components of your car. If your car battery is not functioning efficiently, other components will show the signs too.

At this point, check all the electrical components of your car and see if there are issues with all of them. If there are issues, you must get your battery checked out by a mechanic right away. Also, keep a track of how many electrical components do you use since the more components being used, the faster your battery is going to drain.

4. Strange odor from your car- 

A tell-tale sign that your car battery needs replacing is if you notice a strange new odor coming from your car. If you start to get a scent of rotten eggs, it could mean that gas is leaking from your car battery. Car batteries contain sulfuric acid and this can leak if the battery is damaged. This sulfuric acid is extremely dangerous as it can corrode other parts of your car; this is referred to as outgassing. 

The longer you wait to get your car fixed after you notice the odor, the costlier it will be. Even though the strange odor could mean other issues apart from your car battery being damaged, you still must get it checked in a local auto repair shop.

5. Cold weather affects your car’s performance- 

Even in a normal condition, car batteries don’t perform exceeding well during the winters. People who live in colder regions where it snows need to extra careful about the health of their  car batteries during the cold. If it gets too cold, your battery might actually freeze and the chemical reactions in it start to slow down. Moreover during the winters, the engine oil moves slower too and thus demands extra power from the battery. 

If you start seeing your car not performing as efficiently as it should, get your battery checked out ahead of the colder seasons. Newer batteries help run the car better in winters so running it by a mechanic is never a bad idea.

Take Away

If you have been noticing any of the above signs recently with your vehicle, it might be time for your car battery to be replaced. If you have a top-end model of car, you might not always feel secure to get your car checked out at any local repair shop. 

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