Bespoke Exhaust Modification

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If you want to have a bespoke exhaust system for your car, you are in the right place!

What is an exhaust system?

Most vehicles use internal combustion engines regardless of the type of fuel it uses, an internal combustion engine produces carbon dioxide emissions and what we call exhaust gases due to the nature of burning fuel. Exhaust systems are designed to reroute those exhaust gases and channel them through a series of resonators, catalytic converts and mufflers to reduce emissions impact and noise, and in many cases restrict performance.

Bespoke Exhaust Modification Service

What Exhaust systems consist of?

Exhaust systems can vary in their components depending on the vehicle. However, they all somewhat have the following structure:

  • Exhaust Manifold : (responsible of removing the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber out of the engine
  • Downpipe : (As the name suggests, it’s a pipe that goes down and takes the exhaust gases from the manifold down to the catalytic converter)
  • Catalytic converter : (The catalytic converter is designed to reduce the carbon print as the exhaust gases pass inside it ang go through a chemical reaction with the internal components which neutralizes the toxic gases)
  • Resonator : (Reduces the drone noise that comes out of the exhaust)
  • Muffler: (As its name suggests, it muffles the noise even more to make the vehicle quieter)
  • Exhaust tip : (The final piece of the exhaust system, that gives it the shiny look)

At Deutsches Auto Service Center we offer bespoke exhaust modification services for all your exhaust needs from manifolds, to downpipes, to cat deletes, located in United Arab Emirates serving our customer base in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Bespoke Exhaust Modification Dubai

Common Questions:

  • What does a modified exhaust do?
    Exhausts can be modified for different needs, be it for power gains, freer flowing than the original exhaust system. Or purely for the aesthetic look and sound of the exhaust. Whatever it is, we can sort out the right exhaust for your vehicle at DAS Center.
  • How can I improve my exhaust sound?
    The way the exhaust reroutes the gases affects the flow, and different designs can lead to different sound outcomes. Another factor is the type of metal used which will affect the resonance of the exhaust system affecting the tone of it. At Deutsches Auto Service Center we use T304 Grade Stainless Steel which unlike the common 409 Mild Steel is not prone to corrosion and oxidization.
  • How much it costs to modify exhaust?
    This varies between one vehicle and another, and what part of the exhaust system you want to work with give us a call at +971 4 323 2832 or WhatsApp us at +971 52 323 2832 to get your quote.