5 Tips to Maintain Your BMW and Keep it in Prime Condition

5 tips to maintain your bmw
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Regular maintenance of a BMW is essential to top performance

There’s a reason why your BMW is called the ultimate driving machine. With superior performance, advanced engineering and high precision manufacturing, BMW cars have surely gained a reputation among the top branded cars in the world.

We all love a stunning BMW with its ultra-modern exteriors and the premium driving experience that it offers to its owner. However, it is our foremost duty to make sure that our BMW stays prim and prime at all times and this requires regular servicing and maintenance of your car. Do these 5 things to keep your BMW in its best condition.

1 – Change Your Car’s Engine Oil Frequently

The BMW specialists and car experts all around the world recommend changing your car oil regularly after every 5000 miles. This is important to keep your car functioning properly. You can take your car to a BMW repair workshop in Dubai and get a professional to do the job. A BMW expert will also recommend the oil brand and type suitable for your BMW car model.

2 – Get Your Engine Inspected Regularly

Your car’s engine is what keeps it moving. This is why you must take your car for regular engine checkups and complete inspections after every 20,000 miles. This may take some time and is more detailed than the average visual car inspection.

3 – Check Your Car’s Air and Cabin Filters

Your car’s air and cabin filters must be kept in prime condition for your engines to work fine. Without the proper air and cabin filters, there is a risk of getting your engines clogged leading to failures and breakdowns which is why you must get them checked every 20,000 miles or so.

4 – Replace Your BMW’s Brake Fluid

Your car’s brake fluid should be replaced after every 3 years or 30,000 miles. Especially when you are driving your BMW in the UAE under immense heat and pressure, it is highly recommended to keep regular checks on your car’s brake fluid levels.

5 – Check Coolant Levels and System Components

Your car’s coolant system must be regularly checked and maintained in order to prevent the system from getting clogged by debris. This clogging can lead to damages which is why it is recommended by the BMW experts to get your coolant levels checked, flushed and replaced after every 40,000 miles.

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