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    The Best Car Detailing Dubai Has Ever Seen

    Deutsches Auto Service Center – The Best Auto Detailing Specialists In Dubai

    It is often said that you can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive.
    Make sure you always leave a positive impression on people, with the way your ride looks. Restore the brand-new gleam and lustre of your vehicle through the best car detailing Dubai has ever seen – get serviced by the car paint protection and valeting professionals at Deutsches Auto Service Center.

    Why Choose Deutsches For Your Dent Removal And Auto Detailing Needs?

    World-class Car Detailing And Other Auto Care Services, At highly Competitive rates

    Deutsches Auto Service Center brings top-notch professional auto detailing to Dubai and the UAE for those who want high-quality clean and care for their vehicles. We offer competitive packages that are designed to provide superior value for money. From removing swirls and paintless car dent removal to sanitizing interiors and providing paint protective solutions, our company can help you bring back the brand-new look and feel of your vehicle. Benefit from our complete auto detailing services:

    Absolute customer satisfaction guaranteed Conveniently located shops ready and equipped to service you The most advanced solutions to provide complete and intensive care to every vehicle Comprehensive vehicle restorative solutions Experienced technicians with extensive expertise in every technical aspect Only the best quality products, from protective coats to paint polishers, sourced from the most trusted manufacturers

    Shielding Your Vehicle From The Elements

    The harsh climate in Dubai can have a severe effect on the appearance of any vehicle. According to research, direct exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun can damage the clear coat on your vehicle, causing your paint to crack, fade, or peel. Additionally, the UV rays that enter your vehicle trigger a greenhouse effect that can severely damage your upholstery.

    Make sure your vehicle is properly prepared to face the heat of the summer with the best car detailing in Dubai, inclusive of protective coating, from Deutsches. We have the most advanced products in-house for applying high-grade protective coats to help prepare your car for any challenge summer brings. More than making your vehicle look good, however, we will help you keep it looking that way for years to come, with our complete detailing packages, inclusive of paint shield application and dent repair services.

    Silver Interior-Exterior Detailing Package

    • Engine steam cleaning and dressing
    • Interior vacuuming, including seats and carpets
    • Intensive trunk and rear cargo area vacuuming
    • Delicate cleaning of interior trim and instruments
    • Dashboard cleaning and dressing
    • Leather conditioning and cloth trim cleaning
    • Hot water extract cleaning for carpets and floor mats
    • Interior and exterior window and door shut cleaning
    • Paint polishing and rejuvenation
    • Synthetic sealant wax application
    • Tire and rim cleaning
    • Tire and rim detailing

    Gold The Ultimate Clean And Protect Package

    • Everything in our Silver Detailing Package, plus the following add-ons:
    • Fabric protection for clothes and carpets
    • Paint restoration via detailer’s clay bar
    • Decontaminate paintwork
    • Removal of old paint wax
    • Specialized paint correction
    • 2-Step paint polishing and rejuvenation
    • Machine polishing for paint scratches and polish swirls
    • Premium synthetic sealant application for superior exterior protection
    • High Grade, High Temp Wax application on paint finish for deep, wet-look shine and added paint protection
    • Up to 5 months paint protection
    • Protects against UV exposure
    • Protects against temperature extremes

    *All packages include soft top clean and protect if applicable.

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