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    The safe and comfortable driving begins with a car battery check up by the experts at Das Center!

    A battery is the heart & soul of your car. To have a longer battery life, your car battery diagnostics & regular maintenance should be taken care of. Because the last thing you want is to be left stranded with sudden car breakdowns or a dead car battery. Thus, choosing the right car battery replacement service is quite essential these days.

    And that’s where Deutsche Auto Service Center comes in..

    We are one of the most experienced European car workshops that excels in a wide spectrum of car repair service along with the largest car battery shop in Dubai.

    When an old battery dies, you must be decisive and selective when it comes to a new car battery. Replacements of batteries are unavoidable, no matter how well you care for them, they will only last for 3-4 years.

    And especially today when modern cars are equipped with advanced electronic systems. Many aspects of your car depend completely on the strength of the battery from powering up your car to lighting up your road.

    The battery initiates the jolt of electricity to power all the electrical elements in your car. Your car is highly dependable on the battery, as you can’t even start the car without the battery.

    Let’s see how car battery functions:

    Your car is started by a chemical reaction: Your battery turns chemical energy into electrical energy, which is used to power your vehicle, transferring the voltage to the starter.

    Keeping a steady electric current is mandatory: Your battery not only provides the energy needed to start your car, but it also stabilises the voltage to keep your engine running smoothly.

    So it is better to get your car battery checked by experienced automobile technicians than to have a dead battery while driving.

    DAS Center uses Original Bosch Original Battery to keep your car running smoothly without having sudden disruption. Because our first priority is to care for utmost safety and make sure your car performs efficiently.

    When you come into our garage our experienced technicians would go through a full car battery inspection and figure out the underlying issues (if any).

    Depending on the inspection report we will decide whether your battery can be revived by charging or a jumpstart or if it needs a replacement as it comes with a warranty.

    We offer a performance grade battery service with the help of the best automobile technicians and leveraging a wide range of batteries and automotive equipment, such as jumpstarters, battery chargers, inverters and other supportive accessories.

    There are several benefits that come with genuine Bosch batteries. It has been manufacturing batteries since 1972 and has devoted its time to global customers for 125 years with their research, production and proficiency.

    Advantages of Bosch Original Car Battery Replacement:
    • Comes with a compact battery programming
    • Fast transfer voltage power
    • 100% maintenance-free
    • Suits every modern vehicle
    • Comes with silver technology that enhances battery functions

    We help you to get back on the road faster with a quick car battery replacement service, to ensure you don’t lose valuable time of your day.

    Our Car Battery Replacement Price Dubai

    Car battery replacement is subject to car battery diagnosis. As we mentioned we will go through a full car battery check and then consult with you about the issues and then start working on it.

    Attach a price chart here

    Also check out a few frequently asked question about Car Battery Replacement in Dubai

    How much does a car battery replacement cost in Dubai?

    Well! It totally depends upon the type of battery and driving needs, like maintenance free-batteries, dry charged batteries and absorbed glass material batteries (AGM). A typical battery change would cost around 300 AED to 850 AED.

    What is the best car battery according to the consumer report?

    According to the consumer report:

    Odyssey Performance Series 65-760 was tested and was announced the best.

    Exide Edge FP-agm34 Flat Plate AGM came second

    Performance series model, 35-PC1400T came third in the test and was also highly complimented.

    How long do car batteries last on average?

    An average car battery will last upto 3 -4 years max, but this could also vary depending on your battery brand, regional climatic conditions, vehicle type, driving patterns and overall car battery maintenance.

    Can the battery stop working while you are driving?

    Yes, your car battery might die or have a seized power supply while you are driving. But if you are still confused on what to do, you could go for a dual purpose battery, which will not die suddenly, or very rarely.

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