We have built our reputation on being highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are driven by a passion for prestige cars. Our well equipped workshop facility can offer your car diagnostics services to help ensure your vehicle performs at an optimum level.


We bring more than 25 years of car tuning and maintenance experience from the United Kingdom and Europe in order to deliver a level of quality approaching German car service in the UAE. We provide comprehensive maintenance programs for your vehicle that cover advanced diagnostics to complete repair to attain the most out of your vehicle.


Beyond providing expert maintenance services for European auto brands and luxury vehicles, we at Deutsches Auto Service Center seek pole position in the automotive industry by keeping updated with the latest news and trends today. From the introduction of innovative technologies to coverage of the most relevant events to date, you can expect DAS Center to be on top of the action every time.



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Deutsches Auto Service Centre is considered the leading specialist.

Brake fluid services, Brake upgrades, ABS/ESR/ESP diagnostic services.

Under these services we are offering. Services from: 4 cylinder 750DHS,

Every vehicle has a sophisticated computer system inside of them called an electronic control unit.

Alignment inspection and report suspension overhauling phnematic and hydraulic

Dyno services available,
Chip tuning Suspension upgrade, Brake & Turbo upgrades, Fuel systems,

A complete range of car diagnostics services to meet every need

Keeping a vehicle working like a fine-tuned machine requires great attention to detail. It is essential to have an extraordinary sensitivity to the inner workings of a vehicle in order to determine whether there are parts that are not functioning optimally. We offer dyno calibration to ensure that you are getting the most from your engine in addition to servicing your car AC so that you are comfortable during the extreme weather.

Full diagnostic facility programming and coding capability, Fault finding equipped with the latest automotive CAN computers.

Full diagnostic facility programming and coding capability, Fault finding equipped with the latest automotive CAN computers

Having properly functioning car air conditioning is essential in facing the heat of the desert. Here at Deutsches Auto Service Center

Ensure your vehicle looks and feels brand new at all times. Choose from our comprehensive Silver or Gold Interior-Exterior Detailing packages.

Providing best-in-class automotive luxury car service for virtually every problem

Luxury cars are more than mere automobiles. It is a timeless piece of automotive excellence. It is mechanical engineering given concrete form – a marriage of refined artistic vision and pinpoint precision engineering. With this in mind, we treat each vehicle with utmost care. Every luxury car service we offer is designed to exercise a heightened sense of reverence to the mechanisms that run under the bonnet. We service a wide variety of luxury vehicles from virtually every European brand in the market today, including but not limited to the following