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Porsche Panamera Service Dubai

Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Targa Servicing in Dubai

Porsche Panamera Servicing in Dubai

The Porsche Panamera is aluxury mid-size/full-size sedan produced by Porsche, a German automaker. It is a full-size premium car with four doors and a front-mounted engine that weighs
approximately 4,000 pounds (1,800 kg). With its broad hood and rear door, the Panamera looks like a stretched Porsche 911. In addition, the Panamera offers a luxurious cabin with cutting-edge technology and high-end leather upholstery.
Whether you need a major repair or a minor issue handled, DAS Center can handle all of your Porsche repairs in Dubai. Our qualified technicians also undertake routine maintenance to maintain the value of your Porsche and the vehicle’s warranty.

How does Porsche Panamera Repairing Service Works?

· Go to the DAS Center’s website and fill out the registration form.
· Fill out all of your personal information if you’re a new user, and log in if you’re a returning user.
· Choose your preferred day and Porsche model, then confirm your reservation. Please contact us at the service number given if you require any additional assistance.

We’ll collect, service, and return your vehicle on the same day. Pay our respective mechanic after you are pleased with our service.

Why choose DAS Center for Porsche Panamera Maintenance?

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Why Choose DASCenter for Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Targa Maintenance

What is included in Porsche Panamera Major & Minor Services?

Minor Services

Our Minor Porsche Panamera Services includes:

Porsche Minor Services
Porsche Major Services

Major Services

Under Major Service, we also cover:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Porsche Panamera Servicing in Dubai

A Porsche Panamera’s annual maintenance costs range from 770 to 1160 AED. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on the vehicle’s age, mileage, location, and repair shop.

An air conditioning system gas leak in your Porsche may be the probable reason. It’s also possible that your car’s condenser, evaporator, or engine cooling fan is broken. Because of Dubai’s hot climate, it’s best to seek advice from a professional to avoid any complications throughout the hot summer months.

You should prioritize the safety of your brake pads. We recommend examining and changing them every 6-8 months for maximum performance. Failure to replace them as soon as possible might result in disc brake damage, which is costly to repair and replace.

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