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Car Transmission & Clutch Repair Sharjah

The consistent activity of cars out and about extraordinarily relies upon transmission and clutch repair services in Sharjah. Any vehicle’s transmission framework is an important part because it moves power from the motor to the wheels. Also, the grip is important to draw in and withdraw the gearbox, empowering smooth gear changes for the driver. There is a critical requirement for reliable gearbox and clutch-fix services in Sharjah, a city with weighty traffic and fluctuating street conditions. Current demonstrative hardware and educated staff empower the DAS Center in Sharjah to find and resolve issues rapidly. One of Sharjah’s most legitimate organizations for grip and transmission support, DAS Center offers clients phenomenal work, making sure to fulfil them.

These repair services, which apply to both manual and automatic gearboxes, concentrate on identifying issues like sliding gears, strange sounds, or trouble shifting. In addition to improving the vehicle’s overall performance, timely clutch and transmission repairs significantly increase traffic safety. Sharjah drivers profit from these repair businesses’ skills in maintaining their cars and guaranteeing a more enjoyable drive on the city’s roadways.

Some of the most skilled specialists with enormous knowledge in auto transmission repair and replacement work here. Our sophisticated technology enables us to examine the clutch and transmission of your car thoroughly.

Let’s see how car battery functions:

What is included in our transmission servicing?

Repairing a transmission is more complex than it seems. The performance of your automobile is determined by the transmission dipstick, which is related to several important parts of the vehicle. Several steps are involved in transmission repair, including inspection, replacement, and repair.
We need to repair the transmission filters or empty the transmission fluids to stop the automobile from suffering any more damage. Shifting problems, stalling, slippage, service light turning, and fluid leaks are common transmission problems. Here at the DAS facility, you may anticipate the following three stages of transmission automobile repair.

Categorising the various parts of car maintenance

When it comes to thorough auto repair, knowledge and expertise count, and that’s precisely what the DAS center offers. At the DAS centre, we strive to give the highest level of client satisfaction, and we firmly think that openness is the key to that.

Here are some important details regarding the essential components of your car’s transmission that you should be aware of in order to assist you in better comprehending the clutch and transmission repair and maintenance services in Sharjah.

Automatic Transmission

An automatic gearbox changes gears automatically to maximize driving efficiency. It does this by monitoring the driver’s throttle pedal, engine speed, vehicle speed, and load.

A neutral gear, a reverse gear, and 4-5 forward gear ratios make up the standard Automatic Transmission services.

Unlike with a manual gearbox, there is no need for a clutch pedal or gear shift when the automobile is in drive mode. Although the automatic transmission repair process might be rather complex, our skilled auto technicians are well-versed in transmission programming and can deliver optimal outcomes.

Manual Transmission

The driver must choose the gear according to the clutch pedal and the vehicle’s speed when using a manual gearbox. Gears in a manual gearbox can range from two to eight.

Both front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are the two main manual gearbox variants.

In general, maintenance for manual gearboxes is less than that of automated transmissions. When you visit the DAS facility for transmission servicing, our experts will examine your transmission thoroughly to ascertain the level of maintenance needed for your car.


Our comprehensive auto repair service in Sharjah includes gearbox repair as part of our automotive transmission repair program. Both cars with manual and automatic transmissions employ several kinds of clutches. The clutch engages and disengages from the flywheel during gear changes to transfer force through the gearbox. Your car’s clutches aid in both smooth gear changes and a smooth starting experience.
Your car’s clutch experiences a lot of wear and tear, and it may eventually wear out unless it is serviced on time. To ascertain the present condition of the clutch, our professionals will thoroughly check it on your car.

Front-Wheel Drive Transmission

Your engine will only be used to drive the front wheels of your car if you drive a front-wheel drive vehicle. The drive axles direct the power produced by the transmission to the two front wheels. The car’s front is the basis for the engine, gearbox, and other components.

What does our transmission service cover?

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Few Signs That Shows It’s Time to Go for a Transmission and Clutch Repair in Sharjah

When you visit DAS Center for your Transmission and Clutch Repair
in Sharjah, you get:

If you are facing any of the above issues in your vehicle, then immediately contact DAS Center for a comprehensive diagnostic and car transmission repair service in Sharjah.

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Frequently Asked Questions on
Clutch and Transmission Service in Sharjah

On average, you might be looking at 200 AED– 500 AED for basic repairs, and if the job is a big one and requires complete replacement, you could be looking at a larger amount.
Yes, it is recommended to service your transmission every two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes faster. However, if you drive in extreme conditions, such as in Dubai, you may need to have it serviced more often.
A transmission service is a regular part of routine car maintenance, just like an oil change. The primary aspect of transmission service is flushing out the old type of transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid level.
Without service and maintenance, your transmissions can fail in the first 100,000 miles. If you drive around 10-15,000 miles a year, your transmission could be down for the count in seven years!
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