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    Get the best suspension and steering maintenance services for your car by our experts at Das Center

    The steering system is responsible for translating the rotating motion of the steering wheel into the swiveling motion that directs the front wheels of a vehicle. The suspension system, on the other hand, controls the ride and handling of the vehicle. The suspension ensures that the tires keep a firm grip on the road, without compromising driving comfort. Together, these two systems are in charge of managing and controlling the vehicle.

    It is important to ensure that both these systems are in good condition. The steering system has to be maintained properly, as even the slightest looseness in its joints could make for dangerously inaccurate steering. The suspension system also needs to be kept in perfect working order, as this ensures there is sufficient friction between the tires and the ground – the primary determinant of a vehicle’s ability to steer, brake, and accelerate.

    At DAS Center, we have certified technicians who have the experience, training, and technology to identify and remedy steering and suspension problems. We can run a full diagnostic analysis of your steering and suspension systems in order to determine the condition of each component. That includes inspection of the following auto parts.



    Power Steering and Power Steering Fluid

    CV Joints and Axles

    Coil Springs

    Wheel Bearings

    After running the diagnostics, we can discuss the service options necessary for your steering and suspension systems. At DAS Center, we will make sure that you and your car are safe on the road.

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