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Car Brake Repair in Abu Dhabi: Brake Pad Replacement

When it comes to car maintenance, there are significant parts and crucial elements. Brake pads are among the essential critical components that are considered typical wear items because they generate the friction that helps your automobile stop when rubbed against the brake disc (also known as the brake rotor) or, on certain vehicles, the brake drum that rotates with the wheel. Therefore, it is in every driver’s best interest, not to mention the best interests of their passengers and fellow drivers, that their brake pads work correctly and are replaced before they lose effectiveness.

Whether your vehicle’s brake pads are constructed of metallic, organic, ceramic, or composite materials, they lose a little bit of material with each use. They eventually wear thin, which means they can’t generate as much heat from friction, reducing their capacity to stop the car swiftly and perhaps increasing the distances required to do so. They eventually wear out altogether, which can create a slew of problems.

With a fully functioning brake system, our comprehensive luxury automobile brake services ensure that your driving style is unaffected and that you are entirely safe on the road.

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Let’s see how it’s important:

Why is timely car brake service and repair important for your vehicle?

Regular auto care is essential for your safety since it can nip possible car problems in the bud before they become significant difficulties. In addition, this assures that your vehicle will not fail you when you need it most. Here are some crucial reasons why timely checkup and car brake replacement is important. 

  • Regular car care extends the life of your vehicle.
  • Regular car service increases your vehicle’s performance.
  • Regular car maintenance protects the vehicle’s components.
  • Regular maintenance can save you money in the long run.
  • Regular car maintenance ensures fuel economy.
  • Regular maintenance boosts the value of your vehicle.
  • Regular car service is beneficial to the environment.

At the DAS center, our professional technicians will perform a complete brake inspection on your vehicle under the supervision of our service advisors. In addition, they will recommend the service that your vehicle requires at the time.

A complete brake system inspection by a professional brake specialist is required to establish the true cause of a defective automotive braking system.

Our car brake repair prices are lower than those of the majority of Dubai’s car brake replacement service providers. This is because we cater to the best and work with utmost honesty.

We specialize in delivering economical vehicle brake repair service without sacrificing quality, which is why we are a customer favorite.

Every day, we do several vehicle brakes repair services in Abu Dhabi at our European auto workshop, and some of the most popular services for car brake repair that we perform include

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The Various Types of Car Brake Service and Replacement

The most crucial safety characteristic of any car is its brakes. Understanding the various types of brakes, both within and between vehicles, can help you feel more informed when caring for and maintaining your brakes.

Service brakes, or brakes that stop your car while driving, are classified into two types: disc brakes and drum brakes. Furthermore, practically all automobiles have an emergency and anti-lock brakes.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are made up of a braking rotor that is directly linked to the wheel. The master cylinder’s hydraulic pressure forces a caliper (which holds the brake pads just outside the rotor) to squeeze the brake pads on each side of the rotor. The friction between the pads and the rotor slows and stops the vehicle.

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Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are made up of a brake drum that is linked to the inside of the wheel. When you press the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure pushes two brake shoes on the braking drum. This causes friction and slows or stops the vehicle.

Emergency Brakes

Emergency brakes, referred to as parking brakes, are supplementary stopping systems that operate independently of the service brakes. While there are numerous types of emergency brakes (a stick lever between the driver and passenger, a third pedal, a push button or handle near the steering column, etc.), practically all emergency brakes are powered by wires that exert mechanical pressure on the wheels. They are most commonly employed to keep a car still while parked, although they can also be used in an emergency if the stationary brakes fail.

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Anti-Lock Brakes

Most contemporary automobiles include anti-lock braking systems (ABS). If the stationary brakes are quickly engaged, ABS prevents the wheels from locking up, preventing the tires from sliding. This ability is handy, especially when driving on rainy and slick roads.

Car Brake Pad Replacement

Never take a chance when it comes to the essential parts of your car. You can always go for a car brake pads replacement in Abu Dhabi if you want to travel on the road carefree by maintaining utmost safety.

With our expert assistance, you can expect an intricate brake system inspection as providing top-quality brake replacement services is one of your fortes

Maintaining your brakes’ performance is essential to avoid accidents and mishaps. So, what are you still waiting for? Bring your car to the DAScenter today and get your car brakes properly diagnosed by the best support team.

Schedule your car brake system repairs with us anytime and get a quick fix.

Frequently Asked Questions on
Car Brake Repair in Abu Dhabi

Pricing can vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle you drive. The average brake pad replacement costs roughly $150 per axle. However, this can escalate to around $300 per axle, depending on the materials used in your vehicle's braking pads. Organic material is used in the least-priced brake pads.

It will include draining out the old brake fluid and replacing it with new fluid, changing brake pads, resurfacing rotors, and cleaning, adjusting, and lubricating the rest of the braking system.

Your brake's condition is critical to your safety. Having them inspected by a professional can assist verify that all elements are functioning correctly. Also, when brakes wear down, they become significantly less effective.

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