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The Expert BMW Service Dubai Car Owners Value

Your BMW is your pride and joy. It requires careful attention to detail and when it is not running correctly, it’s immediately apparent. Hiring a mechanic or taking your car to a BMW service center in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE that is not familiar with the ins and outs of this German precision vehicle is simply not an option for you.

Your prized vehicle only deserves the best. Making sure that it gets the kind of care that keeps it purring along the roadway is important to you. As a trusted BMW workshop in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Deutsches Auto Service Center ensures that your vehicle continues to operate smoothly in the grand tradition of BMW, with superior auto maintenance and tuning services at our BMW service center in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

BMW Services

Your Search For A Trusted BMW Specialist In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Has Come To An End!

Your German car is a specialty machine and comes with unique requirements that are part and parcel of all high quality automobiles. At our service centre, we have a broad range of expertise in a wide array of brands, servicing BMW’s, Audi’s and Porsche’s to keep them operating in peak condition.

As a trusted and experienced BMW garage in Dubai, we boast of an outstanding team of experts, all of whom are qualified and skilled, thereby being in the position to provide all of the car care or repairs that you may need. Whether it’s replacing an engine or transmission, or if you need custom repairs for your vehicle, Deutsches Auto Service Center can meet your needs. The technology, the technical knowledge and the materials that are required, are all a part of our range of expertise.

Our in-house BMW specialists are well able to maintain and repair your automobile.

Employing state of the art technology in diagnostics and tuning, we provide accurate and cost effective repairs and tuning for your vehicle. We also provide assistance with BMW battery replacement, transmission repair, BMW brake repair in Dubai and a range of other extensive services.

Get The BMW Dubai Service Car Owners Have Grown To Trust

For us, the one thing that is most important is to ascertain client satisfaction, and we take pride in claiming that we go the extra mile to do so. Since our inception, we have ceaselessly delivered best-in-class services that are trusted by vehicle owners across the UAE.

Get the kind of care that you need from the best in the industry today. Dubai drivers and car owners know that DAS Center provides the best in auto care and maintenance. Our history speaks for itself. Your car is a precision automobile. Treat it with the care and concern that it deserves.

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    Common Question for BMW

    Why my car have engine lights on?

    Any system error has been detected in you vehicles computers.

    Why my car have EPC lights on?

    Engine Control Units have detected a problem.

    Why there is some burning smell inside of my car?

    There may be a oil or coolant leak.

    Why coolant level low showing in my panel?

    There is a possible coolant leak in the system.

    My car have oil level low sign what this it mean?

    Oil require top up.

    My car have vibration in the front side, what is the problem?

    Could be your tyres require replacement.