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bmw i3 service dubai

BMW i3 Servicing in Dubai:

The BMW i3 has earned its place as a modern-day icon. Not because of a groundbreaking design or its role in cultural history, but because of the innovative technology used to generate it.

The development of fully-electric vehicles and new automotive technology was not solely for the purpose of selling EVs. The BMW I project was also concerned with urban road sustainability. BMW and others will carry forward this technical foundation in the future.
BMW is commemorating the i3 with a Unique Eternally Edition – forever as the world’s first premium automobile developed from the ground up for solely electric mobility – and that, in our opinion, is worthy of a place in history.

Such a premium and exclusive car demand specialized and top-notch care. Thus, if you are seeking a high-quality auto repair garage in Dubai for your BMW i3, you have hit the right spot. We work hard at DASCenter to earn our customer’s trust. Our primary priority is customer happiness. However, your road safety is more important to us.

We have well-trained mechanics at our Workshop. Our specialist will inspect and fix your BMW i3. In addition, we will perform a test drive after the repair to save you time and money.

How does Our BMW i3 Servicing Work?

We’ll collect, service, and return your vehicle on the same day. Pay our respective mechanic after you are pleased with our service.

Why Choose DASCenter for BMW i3 Maintenance?

  • Pickup and delivery from your home or office.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer & Genuine Car Parts.
  • 12 Months Service Warranty.
  • Affordable and Available 24/7.

Schedule your BMW i3 Service Slot Today at the most competitive rate!

bmw i3 maintenance dubai

What is Included in BMW i3 Repairing Minor and Major Services?

bmw i3 minor service dubai

Minor Services

Minor Services: In every 5,000 miles or within six months
  • BMW 4WD Dyno Tuning & Chip Tuning
  • BMW Body Repair
  • Wheel Refurbishment
  • Convertible Roof Repair
  • BMW Tinting
  • Bespoke Exhaust Modification
  • Valeting & Detailing
  • BMW Body Shop
bmw i3 major service dubai

Major Services

Major Services: In every 10,000 miles or within 12 months
  • BMW Engine Overhaul(If Needed)
  • Battery Inspection
  • BMW Oil Check & Change
  • Steering & Alignment Check
  • Spark Plugs Check & Change
  • Thorough Electrical System Inspection

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we curated from our clients database that we think might help you learn more about us.

Why is a squeaking noise coming from the steering while turning?

Tie-rod ends, seals, ball joints, and universal joints in your car all require lubrication, and if they dry out, you may hear a squeal, screeching, or similar sounds; you may even hear a grinding noise. But, again, a professional or mechanic should be able to diagnose the issue and propose a solution.

Why isn't my BMW i3 starting?

A dead battery, an alternator fault, or a damaged starter are the most typical reasons for a BMW i3 not starting.

What causes my BMW i3 to overheat?

A coolant leak (water pump, radiator, hose, etc.), the radiator fan, or a malfunctioning thermostat are the most typical causes of a BMW i3 overheating.

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