BMW Service and Car Repair

Your BMW is your pride and joy. It requires careful attention to detail and when it is not running correctly, it’s immediately apparent. Hiring a mechanic or taking your BMW to a Service Center that is not familiar with the ins and outs of a BMW is simply not an option for you.

Making sure that it gets the kind of care that keeps it purring along the roadway is important to you. Deutsches Auto Service Center ensures that your car continues to operate smoothly in the grand tradition of BMW.

Your German car is a specialty machine and comes with unique requirements that are part and parcel of all high quality automobiles. At the Dubai Car Service Center we bring a broad range of expertise in a wide array of brands, servicing BMW’s Audi’s and Porsche’s to keep them operating in peak condition.

Our experts can provide all of the car care or repair that you may need. Whether it’s replacing a clutch or transmission or you need custom car repairs for BMW, Deutsches Auto Service Center can meet your needs. The technology, the technical knowledge and the materials that are required are all a part of Deutsches Auto Service Center.

Our in-house BMW specialists are well able service and repair your BMW automobile.

Employing state of the art technology in diagnostics and tuning, we provide accurate and cost effective repair and tuning for your BMW.

Get the kind of care that you need from the best in BMW service centers. Dubai knows that Deutsches Auto Service Center provides the best in care. Our history speaks for itself.

Your BMW is a precision automobile. Treat it with the care and concern that it deserves.