Why Is My BMW Overheating?

Why Is My BMW Overheating?
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solve existing overheating to protect your BMW from serious failures

Overheating is a common issue that many vehicle owners face from time to time. There could be numerous reasons for your BMW to start heating up out of the blue, which could lead to bigger problems such as engine failure in the future. Repairing these issues will be a daunting and costly task, which is why you must take your car to a reputed auto repair shop for BMW repair and maintenance services.

The following 4 problems might be causing your BMW to overheat:

1. Engine coolant leaks

Your car’s internal combustion system needs a coolant to keep the internal temperatures at optimal levels for your car to work properly. Any kinds of coolant leaks will cause the levels to decrease and increase the friction inside the combustion chambers that will make your car heat up.

2. Blocked coolant system

The debris and dirt can build up inside the coolant chambers and pipes that clogs them and does not allow the coolants to circulate causing the heat to increase and this causes your car to overheat.

3. Incorrect coolant type

Each vehicle requires a specific type of coolant in order to work properly. A poor quality coolant might affect your BMW’s performance which is why is why you must read up your owner’s manual to find out which coolant is suitable for your car’s engine. The coolant type might vary according to the different model types of the same car brand.

4. Faulty water pump

Water pump is one of the most important components of your car’s internal combustion and coolant system. It removes excessive heat from your car’s engine and cools it down preventing your car from overheating. You can find out if your water pump is malfunctioning by checking for wet spots below your car.

If you believe that your car is overheating, we suggest you to take your BMW to a European auto expert. At DAS Center, our BMW experts will diagnose the real issue with your car that is causing it to heat up and fix it right away!


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