What Causes Ignition Failure in Mercedes?

what causes ignition failure in mercedes
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If you have owned a vehicle for quite a while now, you would know how frustrating it is when your automobile won’t start. If that happens, especially when you have to go out in an emergency or if you have to go to the store to pick up necessary commodities, ignition failure in your vehicle is a nuisance. Furthermore, it is even more frustrating if your luxury car, like a Mercedes Benz, has ignition failure. 

If your car is not starting and you want to know for sure what is causing it, you must perform a variety of tests first before determining what could be causing ignition failure in your Mercedes. 

You can perform these tests in any of the following situations-

  • If the engine clicks but your car hasn’t started, or it dies right after starting,
  • If your engine turns, but the vehicle has not begun,
  • If you can’t even turn the key in the ignition

What does a Mercedes Benz do to start and run properly?

Several factors and elements are necessary for your Mercedes Benz to work correctly. These elements need to be functioning well if your Mercedes is to work.

These factors include-

  • Your vehicle needs to have adequate fuel,
  • Your car needs the right electrical spark or power from the battery for the engine to start and keep running,
  • Lastly, your Mercedes Benz needs a Drive Authorization System that works correctly. 

Causes of ignition failure in Mercedes Benz

If you have been facing ignition problems in your Mercedes Benz, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Mercedes drivers complain more about this problem than any other drivers. But there are valid reasons for this. 

The Mercedes Benz has complex electrical components and systems and elaborate, theft-deterrent features to protect your luxury vehicle. Though these features aid in the flawless performance of your car when they are in good working order, they can be a nuisance when the systems fail.

The components we are talking about here include the EIS- Electronic Ignition System, your car’s battery, and some sensors that are part of the electrical systems. The leading causes of ignition failure in your Mercedes Benz are generally damage, or even ordinary wear and tear of any of the parts mentioned above. 

However, some other factors may also cause ignition failure in your Mercedes Benz.

  1. Problems with your key- If the key fob of your Mercedes Benz has a dead or dying battery, it will not communicate well with the EIS. If the model of your Mercedes has a key fob equipped with IR, you would need to reset it so that it communicates appropriately with the EIS.
  2. EIS Problems- If the ignition system causes your car not to get started, it may be because it may have intentionally locked down so that your Mercedes can be protected from theft. This generally happens if the EIS or Electrical Ignition System is faulty or damaged or if it does not recognize the key to be valid.
  3. Sensor Problems- As you know, several components are connected to your car’s electrical system. These components are also connected to your car’s ignition security system—case in point- the crankshaft position sensor. If any of these sensors are disconnected or are damaged, it will cause ignition failure in your car.
  4. Battery Problems- Last but not least, this is one of the most common causes why you might experience ignition failure in your Mercedes Benz. In most cases, you would find that if the battery is dying, there will only be enough power to run the secondary electrical system, but it won’t be enough to power the car’s starter motor. You will need to replace the car’s battery in such a case.

Here’s how you can troubleshoot ignition failure or starting issues in Mercedes

  1. First, you must ensure that your car’s battery is fully charged.
  2. Next, you must check all the fuses and relays in your cars, such as the ignition, starter circuit, fuel pump, and EIS.
  3. You should also check the brake light switch/ gear selector. 
  4. Ensure that there is optimal fuel pressure.
  5. You should use a scanner to check all the engine’s fault codes. 
  6. Ensure you thoroughly check the starter motor, ignition system, spark plug, and coils.
  7. The Drive Authorization System is essential to your Mercedes Benz starting. Thus, you must check that and also the key fob battery.
  8. You should also check the crankshaft position sensor.

Besides these, there might be issues with the PCM/ ECM computer failure and other electrical problems, or issues with the shifter selector module or the crankshaft position sensor, which might be the source of ignition failure in your Mercedes Benz and you must also check those. 


Driving a luxury car such as a Mercedes Benz is a great pleasure. But though the brand delivers high-quality vehicles, sometimes your Mercedes could develop problems, regardless of whether you maintain your car regularly. (Of course, not maintaining your vehicle correctly would cause more problems). So now you know all about the several reasons you might be experiencing ignition failure in your Mercedes Benz. We have also listed the ways you can troubleshoot this problem.

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