How to Diagnose and Fix the AirMatic System Failure in a Mercedes?

airmatic failure system in a mercedes
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The German Automobile beast Mercedes stands for elegance and prestige. Mercedes owns a long history of manufacturing elegant cars using their revolutionary automobile technology. 

These super-luxury cars offer the finest driving experience that majorly comes from Mercedes’ innovative AirMatic suspension system. The Airmatic suspension system was designed to bring ultimate comfort and a smooth driving experience.

Writing this piece aims to bring you sufficient knowledge to analyse faults in the AirMatic system.

Now let’s look at the Mercedes’ AirMatic system failure by learning about signs and symptoms. And also, figure out the steps to prevent this failure by regular Maintenance and Repairs. 

What is the AirMatic system?

AIRMATIC is a self-levelling suspension system that changes the quantity of air in each air spring as it moves vertically, providing more comfort and reducing body roll.

  • A.D.S. monitors the road and your driving patterns and can firm the shock absorbers in 50 milliseconds for controlled handling.
  • At greater speeds, the same button can be used to lower the AIRMATIC® for better aerodynamics and handling.

 Here are 7 common AirMatic System Failures owners are talking about:


  1. AirMatic Compressor Failure

The compressor is an extremely crucial component of your Mercedes’ AirMatic system, responsible for pumping air into the suspension bags. It helps smooth the suspension of the vehicle. Because this part works so hard while driving, it may simply wear out over time. The compressor can become blocked, or its wiring can become damaged, in addition to catastrophic failure. Before requesting a complete compressor unit replacement, make sure your mechanic has ruled out these specific minor issues.

  • Airmatic Strut Failure

A leaky air strut is one of the most prevalent Mercedes-Benz suspension issues. When one or more air springs fail, your vehicle will sit lower when stationary and ride unevenly. If you notice that you’re leaning in weird directions, your struts may be failing and you need to replace them. Strut failure is a simple fix, but it’s dangerous to have while driving, so it’s critical to get it fixed very far away.

  • Blown fuses

A failure of the fuses in the suspension system may be causing your ride to be bumpier than it should be. If this is the case, you must replace the fuses right away, as the suspension system is practically shot, even if the symptoms aren’t visible.

  • Valve Blockage

When the AirMatic Valve is clogged, air can seep back into the compressor, placing it under stress and increasing the risk of compressor failure. The suspension’s effectiveness and “tightness” would most certainly suffer if the compressor is overworked.

  • Squeaking Suspension

You know how unpleasant repeating sounds, maybe if you’ve ever had an old car, usually your first vehicle. Continuous jangling and rolling of parts can utterly detract from the calm of a voyage, and the AirMatic system is no exception. If you notice a hike in squeaking sound when driving your Mercedes, then it is likely your suspension shocks are either failed or damaged.

  • AirMatic Malfunction

The issue probably stems from the Airmatic air suspension strut. It may fail as soon as it is installed due to improper installation or a faulty manufacturing part.

The air shock could also fail due to wear and tear or a failure to retain the air pumped from the compressor. The fact that only one side of the car sags, while the other suspensions look fine, is one of the most telling signs that the Airmatic has the issue.

  • Air Leakage

Another cause of failure could be related to the connection. You may see if the seal is intact or if there is an air leak by squirting some water and soap on the shock’s sealing/airlines/joints to see if there are any air leaks.

If bubbles emerge, the air is leaking from the system.

How to save your Mercedes from AirMatic failure by regular maintenance and repairs?

Regular Servicing and appropriate maintenance of your vehicle is important to ensure that dirt and grime do not interfere with the functionality of any mechanism on your car. They are critical for guaranteeing the vehicle’s longevity and quality of driving experience. 

So keeping your Mercedes under a periodic maintenance service is best to start with.

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