7 Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know

7 Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know
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Owning a car of your dreams feels wonderful.

But after a few years of ownership, we somehow focus less on maintaining the car.

Both for an experienced driver or a newbie, with the car comes the responsibility to upkeep your car and keep it in a good shape so that it helps keep you safe on the road.

To be honest most of us learn to drive while we are in our 20’s. And after a certain time, it becomes impossible to imagine life without your car. Somehow or other it becomes a lifelong companion.

But do we take enough care of our car?

To be honest,

No, we don’t or we don’t get enough time to look after it.

From now on we should take full responsibility for our car’s health. You don’t want to run into any mishaps on the road, which will lead to wasting time and money.

Let’s slide into a discussion of basic car repair jobs almost every car owner should know.

7 Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know

Changing your engine oil – Most basic of all

Keeping a check on your car oil ensures that your engine functions without any unpredictable interference while you are on road. Make it mandatory to check your car oil levels on a regular(monthly) basis.

Changing the engine oil is a fundamental part every car owner should know or learn

  • Just remove the drain plug
  • Loosen the oil filter and clean the chamber
  • Now put back the filter cap
  • And refill with new oil

And you’re done here.

Knowing how to change the oil will help you cut engine seize in the middle of the road and service costs.

If you still have any confusion you can go through a comprehensive Oil Change Tutorial here.

Changing a flat tire – Hectic yet life-saving

Suppose you are on a car trip with your friends on a weekend and you get an unwanted surprise.

Yes! A flat tire.

Changing a flat tire has been very essential for a car owner in the last few decades, but as the generation evolved the car-related tasks for an individual gradually (especially millennials) reduced.

Here is a spoiler ‘ More than 60% people can’t change a flat tire in the U.S

Here is how to replace a flat tire :

  • Loosen the nuts of the tire by using a wrench
  • Then lift the car with a jack
  • Remove the lug nuts and the tire
  • Now put the spare or new tire on it
  • Put back the lug nuts and tighten them fully
  • Remove the jack and lower your car
  • Make sure the nuts are tight and the tire is ready to run

The process sounds frustrating but once you do it, you will get a sense of completion and you will happily do it the next time you have a flat.

Changing your brake pads – Not so tough after all

Well! What will we do if suddenly we realize that the car brake is failing?

Let’s not go anymore deep, instead figure out how to change brake pads on our own (apart from the ones who already know)

Your car brake is one of the most essential parts of your car and several accidents take place due to brake failure. Changing your brake pads is more or less similar to changing a flat tire.

  • Use a jack and lift the car
  • Loosen the nuts and remove the tires
  • Remove the slider bolts
  • And take down the old brake pads
  • Now put the new brake pads on
  • Tighten the slider bolts and secure them
  • And then put the tire back on and it’s done

Keeping a regular check on the brake pads and changing it when necessary can prevent any casualty.

So why take risks?

Changing your car battery – Quite easy I believe

Car batteries are prone to go off when we need it the most and it happens with almost every car owner.

To avoid any unwanted circumstances

Let’s learn how to change your car battery

  • Take off the covers
  • Disconnect the negative cables first
  • Then remove the clamp
  • Now remove the cables and clamps
  • Draw out the screws
  • Put the new battery
  • And make sure the cable clamps are intact

Watch this video tutorial on How to change a car battery and hope you will have a crystal clear vision.

Rolling down to ..

How to change your spark plugs? Spark your enthusiasm

Spark plugs seem tiny but play an important role in a car. From poor mileage to having issues such as starting your car, engine gurgling sound, and check engine light pops up. All these issues could occur due to a faulty spark plug that needs immediate replacement

  • Unlink the spark plug wire
  • Remove the old spark plug
  • Put a new spark plug
  • Reconnect the wire

And Voila!

Jumpstart your car – Easy peasy

You must learn how to jumpstart your car once at some point in your life or you have to run to a professional technician for assistance.

Learning could be fun if you wish

  • Both the vehicles should be in neutral while you turn off the engine
  • Connect a red clip to the positive terminal of the battery of your car and attach another red clip to the positive terminal of the other car.
  • Now attach the black clip to the other car’s negative battery terminal
  • And connect the other black clip to an metal surface(paintless) on your car
  • Now start the engine and unless you drive it for a few miles don’t turn off your car

Here is a video guide for you on how to jumpstart your car

Replacing your Air filters -Last but not the least

We often overlook the health of an air filter, but it is extremely essential to keep dust and pollutants free whenever possible to keep your engine in good shape.

Here is how to change air filters:

  • Unlock the hood and find the black box with large hoses
  • Now open the air filter box and remove the old filter
  • Attach the new filter
  • Close the box and close your hood

You are all set…

Protect Your Car

Now, whenever you have a flat tire, or your car engine light blinks , you can surely figure out what’s wrong with your car and fix it. Learning to protect your car and complete a task develops a sense of pride and accomplishment.

If there are any issues that don’t match the above-mentioned points, and you can’t figure out what’s wrong, just don’t worry. Get your car to a renowned car repair service provider and let the pros take care of your car.

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