6 Reasons Why You Would Crush On The Bentley Continental

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With the rapid rise of technology, the new generation of cars is setting a trend with its engineering, dynamics, and glamor. In the automobile domain,  Bentley is one of the names that comes running when we talk about sophisticated and robust machines.

Bentley Continental is a grand touring car, manufactured and marketed by Bentley motors. The 2020 version of Bentley Continental GT, is featured with a heavy luxury coupe. It is specially designed to meet all the demands of the customers.

Bentley Motors is a reputed and trustworthy car manufacturer and the new Bentley Continental will even help the company to gain more popularity in the car world. Its hand-finished tools and hand-stitched seating make it more unique and beautiful than any random luxury car.

In this article, you will get to know about its features and the reasons why you should love the Bentley Continental.

How reliable is a Bentley Continental?

Bentley Continental is a product of the Volkswagen group. All its cars such as VW or Audi were ranked highly in their 2020 owner satisfaction survey. So, you should expect more from Bentley Continental.

Bentley Continental takes a much longer time to build because most of its parts are hand-finished and the entire seating is handmade.

Another thing that makes this car reliable is its engine and transmission capacity. Its dimension and weight carry the authenticity of the hand-finished tool which is expensive and heavy. And is always recognized for its comfort & convenience. All these characteristics make Bentley Continental more reliable.

6 Reasons you would crush on the Bentley Continental

 1. Exquisite exterior:

The main positive of this car is its exterior design. The car looks the same as its previous versions. The massive pill-shaped brake lights present at the back of this car, attract the customers.

The style and the design of the exhaust pipe match perfectly with its design. The subtle ridge across the bonnet enhances the car’s front part. The whole car carries a legacy such as, it has a subtle number behind the front wheel which is used to mark the number of cylinders present in the engine.

It comes with unique and superior-quality headlights. In short, the exterior of the Bentley continental flaunts its supremacy over other random cars.

 2. Luxurious interior:

The interior features of Bentley continental are at par with its exterior. The whole seating is done with hand-stitched leather to provide a feeling of comfort and luxury. Its rotating dashboard is something you will not see in every car.

Though Bentley is a heritage model its interior has been developed to meet the demands of the customers. You can see a touch of modernity in each section of Bentley Continental’s interior. You can get both the facilities such as the modern as well as the heritage one.

The infotainment system is installed in the car but if you want to have the original style of 3 dials, you just need to press a button which enables the screen to rotate to reveal the three-dial system. The combination of modernity along with a touch of its heritage is pure bliss.

 3. Superlative performance:

Bentley continental is a beast when performance is concerned. This car can speed up 60mph in just 3.6 seconds which seems impossible, but a fact. Its 6.0-liter W12 engine enables a speed up to 207 mph. There are major modifications made especially in its engine.

The new engine is much lighter than the previous ones and without making any sound or vibration, it can take a speed up to 60mph. The weight of the car is about 2.5 tons which is much more than other grand touring cars. It is because no compromise has been made in its interior to maintain the comfort and convenience of the owner.

Bentley Motors has developed the interiors with pure wood and leather which are expensive as well as enchanting.

4. Accommodation is a priority

Most of the supercars available in the market are mostly two-seaters. This is not the case with Bentley Continental. It can accommodate four people to ensure that all members of the family can enjoy the road trip together.

Though there is not much space in the back it is still more comfortable than most of the supercars. The back seats are the same as the front seat, made up of hand-stitched leather.

Although everything in this world has pros and cons you can find hardly any drawbacks in Bentley Continental. The seats, upholstery, and storage everything is top-notch.

 5. Craftsmanship at its peak

The entire build-up of the car takes 100 hours and also 100 people to complete it. The entire seating arrangement, as discussed earlier, is handmade using premium quality leathers.

The wobbly stitching bears testimony to the fact that it has been stitched using a hand. The construction of the wooden dashboard required 9 hours to complete.

In this current time where the manufacturing process is machine-oriented with fake materials, Bentley has created a revolution by taking care of every detail of the car.

 6. Complete Engagement

Bentley Continental has advanced control settings. It is lighter in comparison to the Continental GT V8. Its passive chassis is specially designed to handle all the load and ensures a confident cornering. Bentley Dynamic has the best control system among all the Bentley versions.

The new edition of Carbon ceramic brakes present in Bentley Continental has made the car’s acceleration easy and smooth. The electronic active road control system always monitors the road condition to ensure a safe long drive. Truly, its features will keep you engaged with the road.

Bentley – Being extraordinary

There are zillions of reasons that will compel you to choose Bentley Continental especially if you are looking for luxury, performance, and class. Its pursuit, luxurious interior, storage, mileage, and classy exterior make it unique from any random grand touring car.

Bentley Continental’s is priced around AED 880000 and goes up to AED 1.65 Million. Though the car is expensive, its features and performance make it worth every penny.

Nurturing the roadster and upkeeping its performance needs patience and expertise.  And planning for your Bentley service & maintenance is what DAS Center excels at.

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