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Car Battery Replacement in Sharjah

Car Battery Replacement in Sharjah| Check Up by the Experts at Das Center!
Your car’s battery is its heart and soul. It would be best to have it checked out and maintained regularly to get more life out of your car battery. The last thing you want is to be stuck because your car broke down or the battery died. So, picking the right Car battery installation service to keep your vehicle running in perfect form is very important these days.

That’s where Deutsche Auto Service Center comes in.

We are one of the most experienced European auto shops that provides a wide range of repairs. We also have the best car battery shop in Sharjah.

When your old battery dies, you must be quick and picky about the new one you buy. There is no way around it; even with proper car battery maintenance, they only last 3–4 years, no matter how well you care for them.

It is especially true now that most cars have high-tech electrical systems. The starting of your engine and the proper functioning of the lights and indicators on your car depend on how strong the battery is.

Let’s see how a car battery functions:

What Causes a Car Battery to Drain?
Let’s see how car battery functions:

Car Battery Change in Sharjah

Your car is started by a chemical reaction: Your battery turns chemical energy into electrical energy, which is used to power your vehicle, transferring the voltage to the starter.
Keeping a steady electric current is mandatory: Your battery not only provides the energy needed to start your car, but it also stabilises the voltage to keep your engine running smoothly.

So it is better to get your car battery checked by experienced automobile technicians than to have a dead battery while driving.

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DAScenter uses Original Bosch Original Battery to keep your car running smoothly without having sudden disruption. Because our first priority is to care for utmost safety and make sure your car performs efficiently.

When you come into our garage our experienced technicians would go through a full car battery inspection and figure out the underlying issues (if any).

Depending on the inspection report we will decide whether your battery can be revived by charging or a jumpstart or if it needs a replacement as it comes with a warranty.

We offer a performance grade battery replacement service with the help of the best automobile technicians and leveraging a wide range of batteries and automotive equipment, such as jumpstarters, battery chargers, inverters and other supportive accessories.

There are several benefits that come with genuine Bosch batteries. It has been manufacturing batteries since 1972 and has devoted its time to global customers for 125 years with their research, production and proficiency.

Advantages of Bosch Original Car Battery Replacement:

We help you to get back on the road faster with a quick car battery replacement service, to ensure you don’t lose valuable time of your day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our experts recommend that your car battery needs to be replaced after three to four years. During that lifespan, you should not attempt to repair or perform maintenance on the battery yourself. Take the car for a battery checkup according to the schedule mentioned in your manufacturer's guide. The mechanic will be able to identify the battery and advise you on how to maintain and use it for the best driving experience.

It depends upon the type of battery and driving needs, like maintenance-free batteries, dry-charged batteries, and absorbed glass material batteries (AGM). Within the different battery chemicals offered, different brands provide different qualities. A typical battery change would cost around 300 AED to 850 AED.

An average car battery will last up to 3 -4 years max, but this could also vary depending on your battery brand, regional climatic conditions, vehicle type, driving patterns, and overall car battery maintenance.

Bad driving habits can damage the car battery. These habits can be like turning on the headlight before starting the car's engine or leaving lights and AC on while the vehicle is stationary and the engine is idling. Usually, a car battery is designed to provide power to the ECU and spark plugs while being recharged by the alternator. But with modern cars incorporating more and more features that require electricity to run but are expected to function even when the engine is off, it puts lead-acid batteries at a disadvantage. Some manufacturers have incorporated lithium batteries specifically to deal with the consistently low power draw from the batteries.

It depends on the battery quality. A good quality battery will last for 3 to 4 years. It also depends on how you treat them. If you leave the lights on and the battery discharges completely, it can decrease the battery's life. Cheaper batteries can last as long but are less forgiving if misused. Most cheap batteries do not show deterioration before throwing in the towel.

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