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    Car Tuning in Dubai: Performance Grade Chip Tuning For European Cars

    Deutsche Auto Service Center has brought to you the largest European car tuning shop in Dubai with 30 years of expertise and performance tuning upgrade to cap optimum power.

    We offer chip tuning kits for all the major car manufacturers, followed by throttle response to enhance your car components.

    With our premium car tuning services, we can deliver maximum performance hosted by our expert automobile technicians at an affordable price.

    It is extremely important to keep a regular maintenance check on your car’s health, so that it performs smoothly without any sudden interruption, increasing overall car life and reducing maintenance cost.

    Let’s have a glance at our maintenance service while you opt-in with us.

    What is Car Tuning?

    Here at our car tuning center, we specialize in servicing European and luxury cars, and are able to carry out the specialist maintenance that these cars require.

    We can carry out specialist tuning services to make your vehicle perform better, and reach even higher speeds. Offering sophisticated chip tuning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our technicians in UAE can modify the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to have your car perform even better.

    This electronic chip serves as the central control system that manages an array of performance aspects of a vehicle, including electronic throttle control, boost control, for turbocharged engines, automatic transmission, electronic stability control, and anti-lock braking. By making measured adjustments to the chip programming, we can squeeze more out of your vehicle.

    What is included in car tuning?

    Remapping : It is the process of calibrating the ECU’s software. A remapped ECU (Electrical control unit) balances the engine in such a way that the power and torque output from the engine is maximum at all RPM’s. The ECU of your vehicle deals with different engine frameworks such as fuel, ignition and performance boost.

    Exhaust Modification : Exhaust mods can enhance your car with customized performance that enables the engine to function exceptionally. We use 304 stainless steel to keep your car safe from rust and oxidation. Modifying exhaust can help your car to breathe easily and improve fuel consumption.

    Bench Tuning: Modern cars are mostly tuned with OBD, yet few brands such as Mercedes and Porsche need bench-tuning, i.e removal of the ECU from the car and making a direct connection to the direct circuit board of the ECU on the “workbench”.

    Chip Tuning: it is one of the conventional technologies in the tuning industry to modify an erasable and programmable read only memory chip in your vehicle’s ECU to attain a high-caliber performance.

    Dyno Run: Our 4WD dyno (dynamometer) dynamics is used to tune your car’s ignition, fuel and air supply to reach most possible horsepower and torque while maintaining an optimum air-fuel ratio. We cover it all.

    DAS Center Car Tuning Garage: We vow to protect your car

    We guarantee a specialized car tuning and a range of services, that includes ECU modification that will enhance your car performance and attain its top speed.

    A finely tuned car will have a range of enhanced mechanism including:

    • Boost control
    • Electronic throttle control for turbocharged engines
    • Automatic transmission
    • Anti-lock braking
    • Electronic stability control

    Why is DAS Center the most reliable car tuning service in Dubai?

    DAS Center is highly-skilled in both traditional and modern cars. Our car workshop is maintained by trained specialists and supervised by committed service advisors, backed by modern and performance upgrade equipment & machineries.

    We run comprehensive computer diagnostics on your car to better understand any hidden issues. Then we create a full car inspection report that includes personalised recommendations for replacements needed during full tuning.

    We offer not only a reliable car tuning service, we also make sure to deliver a grand tuning experience for a guaranteed customer satisfaction.

    OZ Racing Wheels : OZ racing is an international leading producer of lightweight alloy wheels for a wide range of sports cars. OZ racing wheels are robust and well-made and it is recognized by flawless Italian designs that applaud any vehicle. It reduces load on the axles that smoothens overall performance of your car.

    WWhiteline Performance : Whiteline boasts a worldwide prominence as a leading manufacturer of enhancement, replacement and performance suspension tuning components that delivers unmatched performance and a stable ride. The pro version also features polyurethane bushes and sway bars that can be customized according to your choice.

    K&N Air Filter : A brand that has always been known for its pumped-up high flow engine replacement filters and air intake filters that can deliver top performance. It is designed to add horsepower and increase acceleration while maximising your engine protection.

    H&R Wheel Spacer : H&R comes with multiple qualities like high strength, lightweight magnesium alloy compatible with OEM and aftermarket suspension systems. It is mainly used to widen the gap between the car wheels which lowers the centre of gravity resulting in more stability.

    Intercooler DAS Tuning : DAS Tuning is a proud producer of its own intercooler made to fit VW Golf GTI/R. Thicker and bigger than the factory intercooler enabling better and cooler airflow into the turbocharger that can boost engine power.

    Explore a range of brands and products at our car tuning workshop

    EBC Brakes : It is one of the leading brake manufacturers that offers superior brakes, brake pads, discs, callipers, brake lines and rotors for cars. EBC suits all sorts of car models and it’s extraordinary applications can be seen from street to heavy race tracks.

    Motul : It is a leading manufacturer of exceptional lubricants for your car belonging to France. It aims to stabilize your car performance even under high temperature and pressure. Motul and DAS Center have partnered up to make sure that the synthetic oil fits each and every car brand while providing optimal care and full functionality for your engine.

    BMC Filter : BMC Air Filters is one of the best in the market when it comes to performance air filters, known for their high-flowing air filters that don’t compromise on contaminant filtration

    Contact DAS Center Today for a Well Tuned Car!

    Connect us a call at 04 323 2832mOr mail us your requirement @ and get a tailored quote If you have any query check out frequently asked questions related to car tuning service in Dubai

    Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we curated from our clients database that we think might help you learn more about us.

    1What is the minimum car tuning cost for your car?

    Car tuning cost completely depends upon brand, models and the type of tuning one needs for their car. A typical tuning could cost from 1500 AED to 5000 AED.

    2Is it worth tuning your car?

    Tuning can unlock real potential and unleash the beast if done right. Tuning comes with a mind satisfaction and a few benefits like:

    Decreased fuel consumption

    Upto 35% more power

    Reduced CO2 emissions

    Torque boost

    Increased engine response across the power range

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