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The top car tuning center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, for peak performance

Conducting regular maintenance on any vehicle is essential for good performance and roadworthiness. If you own a high-performance or luxury vehicle, then having engine maintenance carried out is especially important for maintaining the high standard of workmanship and quality. Furthermore, regular car tuning is essential in maintaining the quality of the driving experience.
If you need to have your luxury vehicle checked and maintained, entrust it in the hands of experienced specialists at Deutsches Auto Service Center.

BMW Car Tuning Service

Enhancing your car performance through car chip tuning in UAE for optimal output

Here at our car tuning center, we specialise in servicing European and luxury cars, and are able to carry out the specialist maintenance that these cars require.

We can carry out specialist tuning services to make your vehicle perform better, and reach even higher speeds. Offering sophisticated chip tuning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our technicians in UAE can modify the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to have your car perform even better.

This electronic chip serves as the central control system that manages an array of performance aspects of a vehicle, including electronic throttle control, boost control, for turbocharged engines, automatic transmission, electronic stability control, and anti-lock braking. By making measured adjustments to the chip programming, we can squeeze more out of your vehicle.

Lamborghini Tuning

30 Years of experience in auto performance brought to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE

Because altering chip programming is a highly technical and intricate procedure it should only be conducted by experts who are experienced with such things. Here at Deutsches Auto Service Center, our mechanics have both the knowledge and skill to conduct car tuning in Dubai on a range of high end sports and luxury vehicles.

When you entrust your luxury vehicle with us, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of by trained, experienced technical personnel. Get the most out of your vehicle today, enhance it through expert chip programming from DAS Center.

Performance services we offer:

Exhaust Modification
A good exhaust system is a key element to making a car feel alive. We can tailor the perfect exhaust system for your car using 304 grade stainless steel to keep it protected from corrosion and oxidization.

Bench Tuning
Most modern vehicles are tuned via OBD, however some vehicles such as Porsche and Mercedes require Bench-tuning which involves the removal of the ECU from the vehicle and opened to access the circuit board where a direct connection is made.

Remapping is a term used to describe the process of calibrating the ECU’s software. Within a vehicle’s ECU there are multiple maps which control various engine parameters such as ignition, fuel and boost.

Chip tuning
It is a term referring to an older technology of ECUs which consisted of a detachable processor chip that regulated engine parameters. Nowadays almost all modern ECUs no longer use this method.

Dyno runs
DynoDynamics is our dyno of choice at DAS Center, it is a 4WD dyno which accurately measures how much horsepower and torque your vehicle produces.

Mercedes Benz Car Tuning Service

Brands and products we deal with:

Motul is a renowned world leading synthetic oil manufacturer based on France. Deutsches Auto Service Center and Motul have entered a partnership to deal with fully synthetic engine oils produces by Motul to fit your vehicles needs and to meet its manufacturer’s standards while providing optimal lubrication and protection to your engine.

Motul logo red pink

BMC Filter
Known for their high flowing air filters with no compromise to the filtration of unwanted contaminants, BMC Air Filters is one of the best in the business when it comes to performance air filters.


EBC Brakes
Providing us with high quality brake pads and disks that suit all sorts of applications from street use to heavy track use.

ebc brakes logo

WHITELINE Performance
WHITELINE excels at making suspension components that fit the enthusiasts that are looking for a more stable ride around corners, they provide us with polyurethane bushes and sway bars that are adjustable to your liking.


OZ Racing Wheels
Lighter wheels mean less weight to push and less load on your axels which translates into better performance overall. For that we provide OZ Racing Wheels where lightweight meets good look.

OZ racing

H&R Wheel Spacers
Spacers can be used to increase the width of your car resulting in a lower center of gravity which ultimately makes your vehicle handle better. H&R is an infamous company that deals with wheel spacers.


K&N Air filter
Another brand that is well known in the High-Performance Air Intake Filters business is K&N Air Filters, they have been in the business for decades and produce one of the best high-flowing air filters in the market.

kn high flow filters logo

Intercooler DAS Tuning
We are proud to introduce DAS Tuning’s own Intercoolers that are made to fit VW Golf GTI/R. Thicker than the factory intercooler and bigger, allowing better and cooler airflow into the turbocharger which in turn increases power.