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Car Pre Purchase Inspection in Dubai: We Assure You Get The Best

Owning a car in Dubai is essential after some point in time with the increasing transport costs. Having your car always gives you a sense of ownership, freedom, strength, and comfortability.

When it comes to buying a car, new or old, it can hugely vary. New car comes with a warranty service contract and a sky-touching price. Yet buying a resale or used car is often misunderstood these days.

You just have to go through a quality car Pre-Purchase inspection so that later you are not surprised by any hidden expenses.

Our experienced inspection technicians will examine your car with the help of upgraded equipment, not only the vehicle’s body but complete in and out followed by a mandatory engine check.

We will find out if there is any underlying issue for your future safety and ensure guaranteed satisfaction while you are buying it.

We are here to make sure you get the best car deal.

DAS Center has always been leading the largest European auto workshop. We offer a wide range of services all under one roof of 10,000 sq feet, ensuring a comprehensive service experience for our loyal clientele within an affordable price range.

FWe keeps our tools and technicians up to speed. We work with the latest technology for modern cars and its complexity. DAS Center keeps the diagnostic procedure detailed to ensure that the PPI inspection is thorough and accurate.

Further, we’ll be completely honest about the status of your potential car once we make a full inspection. Besides, our job is to provide you all the information you need to make a wise choice.

Why is DAS Center the most trusted workshop for Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection in Dubai?

We offer a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Automobile Examination service for our customers that includes a 24-point vehicle inspection, mechanical concerns, exterior and interior body damage, and a complete report so you know exactly what’s wrong with your car.

Our comprehensive pre purchase inspection includes:

Colors on the body panels match

No dents on the body

Consistency of the paint depth gauge

Seam corrosion

Crack free windshield

Weatherstrip is in fair condition

Free from body scratches and chips

Spare jack, lugnut, and presence of all tyres

Scratched or dented rims

Check tire tread depth

Seat belts are installed in every seat

Strong air freshener odour (may imply that something is being hidden)

All of the gauges, buttons, and knobs are functional

There are no dashboard warning lights

Stereo works perfectly

Heater is alright

The warning lights are working properly.

Touch-up paint cracks on the dashboard are absent

The air conditioner is on and the temperature is set correctly

Windshield wipers are functional

Windshield wiper fluid is correctly dispensed.

Unworn and crack-free seats

The trunk opens and closes smoothly

The doors open and close with ease

All of the seats are adjusted correctly

The power windows work perfectly.

Lock and unlock the trunk and the driver’s side door.

The sun visor is working fine

Intact headliner

Fuel or oil leak check

No black deposits on the oil filler neck

Full car battery inspection

Corrosion-free battery terminals

Black oil removal

While the engine is running, there is no odor

Exhaust pipe emissions are neither blue (indicating that the engine burns oil) nor black (indicating that the engine burns gasoline)

When the brakes are engaged, the car steers straight and does not pull.

No vibration in steering wheels while you drive

While turning, there are no clicking noises

The brakes should not resist

The emergency brake is working fine

During braking, there is no sound or vibration

The state of the discs and pads

All the service and repair records availability

Make sure the owner has legal ownership

Have a car manual

DAS Center provides Pre-purchase inspection services to an inclusive range of car brands and models, given below:

Rolls Royce Pre purchase inspection

Lamborghini Pre purchase inspection

Bentley Pre purchase inspection

Ferrari Pre purchase inspection

Audi Pre purchase inspection

Mercedes Pre purchase inspection

Maserati Pre purchase inspection

BMW Pre purchase inspection

Range Rover Pre purchase inspection

Porsche Pre purchase inspection

Mini Cooper Pre purchase inspection

Volkswagen Pre purchase inspection

Rendering reliable and quick Pre purchase inspection service to a comprehensive range of car brands and models is what we are known for.

Connect us to experience a premium and reliable service

You can also take a look at our Commonly Asked Question about Pre-Purchase Auto Inspections In Dubai: Are Pre-Purchase Inspections worth it?

We highly recommend taking a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) while purchasing a car, if it is located in another city or doesn’t come with a warranty. When there is no warranty, the owner assumes all risk of a future breakdown or major mechanical issues while buying it. A car pre-purchase inspection report clears all doubt and helps you to buy the vehicles tension-free.

How much does a car pre-purchase inspection cost in Dubai?

A typical car PPI inspection in Dubai costs varies on the type of car you are going to buy, like hatchback, sedan and SUV, and it ranges from 550 + VAT.

How fast do I get the car inspection report?

Mostly, a pre-purchase inspection report is produced within 1-2 hours. You can also choose to collect the report via whatsapp or by email whichever is convenient for you, once the PPI is done.

Does the PPI come with a warranty?

No inspections are not covered by a warranty. The inspection’s goal is to provide the consumer with an accurate picture of the vehicle’s health.

Can I add a few more inspections of the car with PPI?

Of course, we are here to walk you through any car issues and meet a solution together. If you have any specific or additional inspection requirements you just have to let us know while you are booking for PPI.

Amazing workshop and trustworthy

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May 24, 2022

This workshop knows what they are doing and dealing with all kind of luxury cars & expats
thanks Dascenter for the valuable service.


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May 21, 2022

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