Car Maintenance

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Maintain the ideal condition of your vehicle by adhering to regular maintenance

Regular Maintenance is crucial to keeping your car on the road. The time and effort you put into keeping up with scheduled maintenance will financially benefit you in the long run. Your vehicle manufacturer came up with a maintenance schedule and service intervals that are specific to your vehicle, which should maintain the long-term reliability of your car.

At Deutsches Auto Service Center, we believe in helping you protect the life of your vehicle’s engine. We provide comprehensive maintenance and service packages for all European vehicles, to ensure that your vehicle is kept in optimum condition for longer. Oil is a vital service item of the vehicle’s engine and must be replaced at the correct intervals stated by the manufacturer, to ensure long term reliability. Our qualified mechanics will thoroughly check your engine air/AC filters and fluids and report the condition of your vehicle’s engine. Check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change and if it’s due, bring it to any of our service centers today. You can book online now at or call 043232832.

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