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    Clutch and transmission maintenance of unprecedented world-class quality!

    The clutch and transmission play a critical role in controlling the transmission of power generated by the engine to the wheels, which is necessary for a vehicle to move. When the engine is switched on, it generates power ceaselessly. In order to control the transmission of this energy, the clutch and transmission system engages and disengages the engine through gear changes. That is how a vehicle is able to stop and go, while the engine continues running.

    This subjects the clutch and transmission system to intense pressure and friction, which leads to deterioration over time. A worn clutch usually exhibits clutch slipping or chatter. A clutch may be slipping when your engine increases speed without producing any noticeable acceleration. Chattering, on the other hand, is when you experience a jerking motion when the clutch is engaged.

    Being the most well-equipped car specialists in Dubai, we pride ourselves in providing a full-range of clutch and transmission services, including but not limited to:

    • Comprehensive diagnostic analysis of transmission system
    • Transmission fluid change
    • Replacement of transmission filter
    • Inspection of transmission system for leaks, and faulty seals, hoses, and mounts
    • Clutch inspection and replacement

    Ensure that your vehicle’s clutch and transmission are always in good working order. Trust Deutsches Auto Service Center, the leading auto workshop in Dubai.

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