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    Ferrari Purosangue 2022 Review: The Latest Addition to The Ferrari Family

    The famous Italian luxury sports car company Ferrari is finally preparing for the launch of its SUV after a long time, almost 20 years after its rival brands and we are excited to share what we know so far.

    Releasing with top-notch engines like V6, Hybrid V8, and V12, Ferrari is going to push its limit this time with the all new Purosangue.

    Recently Ferrari Purosangue announced that they are soon going to bring their latest model to the race. We now know Purosangue will be on the market with an advanced V12 engine with 800 horsepower, a composition no other rivals are offering as of now and this gives Ferrari a flaunting privilege.

    Ferrari Purosangue: An Entirely New Driving Attire

    Blueprint of the Purosangue’s front engine shows that there is not enough room for motors so they will be attached to the rear. It is safe to presume that the V12 and V8 will take power from the front end for the front axle.

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