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    Expert Paintless Car Dent Removal in Dubai

    If you want to keep your car in pristine condition, you need to use it with utmost care. Sometimes, however, circumstances beyond your control can cause dents and light scratches on the car’s surface.

    Bring back your car’s smooth and pristine look with the help of a professional car dent removal service. Partner with the best in the business today – Deutsches Auto Service Center.

    The Trusted Name in Paintless Dent Repair in Dubai

    Deutsches Auto Service Center is a comprehensive auto servicing company that offers a complete range of auto repair and maintenance solutions – from overall vehicle maintenance to professional paintless dent repair in Dubai. Offered as part of our auto-detailing packages (see below), we have a team of professional paint specialists working in-house to help you erase any trace of dents or scratches on your car’s paint.
    We offer experience and expertise in vehicle repair and auto restoration to be your ideal partner for a total car care solution.

    Our car dent repair service is an excellent alternative to costly paint jobs for repairing unsightly dents and scratches on your car’s coat of paint. This service offers a number of advantages such as:

    • More economical than a traditional body work
    • No painting, sanding or body filler required
    • Eliminates car paint mismatch
    • Retains the vehicle’s factory finish
    • Quick turnaround time

    Using The Latest Technologies To Deliver Quality Paintless Dent Removal

    We use innovative techniques along with the latest technologies to restore your vehicle’s blemish-free appearance. Furthermore, you can expect our team of paintless dent removal experts in Dubai to give their all to producing the best quality results for you. Whether it’s a deep scratch or an unsightly dent, we’ll do our best to restore your vehicle and make it look brand new.

    Maintain your car’s smooth finish by seeking the help of our trusted experts! Call us at +971 4 323 2832 or request a quote here.

    Silver Interior-Exterior Detailing Package

    • Engine steam cleaning and dressing
    • Interior vacuuming, including seats and carpets
    • Intensive trunk and rear cargo area vacuuming
    • Delicate cleaning of interior trim and instruments
    • Dashboard cleaning and dressing
    • Leather conditioning and cloth trim cleaning
    • Hot water extract cleaning for carpets and floor mats
    • Interior and exterior window and door shut cleaning
    • Paint polishing and rejuvenation
    • Synthetic sealant wax application
    • Tire and rim cleaning
    • Tire and rim detailing

    Interior-Exterior Detailing Package

    • Everything in our Silver Detailing Package, plus the following add-ons:
    • Fabric protection for cloths and carpets
    • Paint restoration via detailer’s clay bar
    • Decontaminate paint work
    • Removal of old paint wax
    • Specialised paint correction
    • 2-Step paint polishing and rejuvenation
    • Machine polishing for paint scratches and polish swirls
    • Premium synthetic sealant application for superior exterior protection
    • High Grade, High Temp Wax application on paint finish for deep, wet-look shine and added paint protection
    • Up to 5 months paint protection
    • Protects against UV exposure
    • Protects against temperature extremes

    Follow up maintenance and rejuvenation package for Gold and Silver packages:

    Engine cleaning and detailing

    Interior vacuuming, including seats and carpets

    Stain removal on carpets and mates

    Intensive trunk and rear cargo area vacuuming

    Interior and exterior window and door shut cleaning

    Tire and rim cleaning

    Tire and rim dressing

    Car shampoo

    Synthetic sealant wax application

    *All packages include soft top clean and protect if applicable.

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