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    Electric Car Maintenance & Service Dubai, UAE

    Electric car service & periodic maintenance in Dubai is something you always consider if you own an electric car. Electric cars require the attention of trained technicians like any other car and relatively cost less in maintenance than gasoline-powered vehicles.

    We are a verified electric car repair shop. Our electric car repair specialists at DAScenter have years of experience working with the vital components of an electric car, including batteries, electric motors, software, and charging ports, providing the best electric car repair in Dubai!

    When compared to fuel-powered vehicles, the three key factors that make Electric vehicle repair and servicing simpler,

      1.Fewer Moving Parts     2.Regenerative Braking     3.Simple Transmission system

    What is the most common maintenance that your electric car needs?

    Check for tire wear and tear and monitor tire pressure
    Examining the windshield wipers & fix if necessary
    Replacement of a 12V battery based on consumption
    Visual examination of electrical lines with high voltage
    Monitoring of comfort systems, such as the AC system
    The Positioning of wheel and wheel alignment

            No matter what brands or types of hybrid electric vehicles you own, if you’re having trouble finding the ideal mechanic for them in Dubai

           Trust DAScenter to Fix it for You!

    Audi e-Tron

    In 2021, Audi will launch its first electric SUV, the Audi E-tron. It has rapid charging, all-wheel drive, and a large range. The Audi e-tron Sportback concept represents a symbiosis of electricity and usability.

    Is the infotainment system preventing you from using the best features?

    Schedule your Audi E-Tron Electric Car Service slot with DAScenter!

    Porsche Taycan

    The Porsche Taycan is a game-changer and the world’s most coveted electric vehicle. It has an eye-catching exterior as well as a fully adjustable and high-tech interior. It has 375 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds.

    Is your Electrical and software issue still coming back?

    Don’t Worry! Book your Porsche Taycan Electric Car Service with DAScenter!

    Volkswagen ID6

    Volkswagen ID.6, a successor of ID4, happens to be an impressive three-row electric battery mid-size crossover SUV that comes fully packed with roughly 300bhp combined and gives 0-62mph in just 6.6sec.

    Need routine maintenance for your Volkswagen ID6?

    Nothing to Worry! Book your Volkswagen ID6 Electric Car Service with Us!


    When kept up with, electric batteries have a longer lifespan. Consult with Us if your electric car only covers short distances between recharges.


    Periodically inspect the steering and suspension parts for wear and tear brought on by heavy use and get it fixed from DAScenter.


    Our skilled electric car experts ensure that motors always function at their best by a complete inspection and quick troubleshooting.


    Tires deteriorate over time, even in electric vehicles. Therefore it’s crucial to rotate them frequently and maintain the proper pressure.

    All-Inclusive Electric Car Services:


      • 360* Electric Car Inspection
      • Car Electric Motor Inspection
      • Electric Battery Maintenance
      • Car Suspension Inspection
      • Car Tyre Pressure Inspection
      • Air Conditioning System Check
      • Car Brake Parts & Fluid Check
      • Electrical System Through Check

    Schedule your Slot with the Most Trusted and Reputed Electric Car Service Provider in Dubai, UAE

    Our KM Based Periodic Maintenance Service for a healthy Car:

    15,000 KM Minor Service: Electric Motor Inspection/ 360* Visual Inspection 1,999 AED
    30,000 KM Minor Service Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections/ Battery Inspection & Service 2,299 AED
    60,000 KM Minor Service Brake Pads (Front + Rear) Inspections/Battery Check & Replacement 3,999 AED
    80,000 KM Minor Service + *360 Health Inspection 1,499 AED
    100,000 KM and more Minor Service + Brake Pads/ Wheel Alignment/ Electrical System Check 4,599 AED

     “Your safety is our top priority”

    We are offering a 10% discount (on the labor cost) on all type of ELectric Car Repair & Services! Grab it Today!

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    Electric Car Repair in Dubai Frequently Asked Questions

    Do Electric Cars Need a Lot of Maintenance?

    Versus an internal combustion engine, an electric motor requires far less maintenance. It does not require lubricant or exhaust because there is no exchange of liquids for gases or friction between any moving parts.

    Therefore, there won’t be any oil, filter, or exhaust system changes. All of this can be deducted from the cost of maintaining the car. Therefore, maintenance requires many fewer mechanical components than in a vehicle with a combustion engine

    How Long Does it Take to Charge an EV?

    You can charge electric cars at home or at any public charging station. The duration of a full charge automobile might range from 30 minutes to half a day. The amount of time required could differ depending on your battery’s size or the speed of your charging station.

    Is an EV More Expensive to Own and Operate Than a Regular Car?

    Compared to conventional vehicles, EVs have significantly reduced operating costs. However, the overall price of classic cars will surpass the total EV cost after a few years of operation.

    Are Electric Cars Good in Hot Climates?

    You might have observed that the battery life of your electronic gadgets varies quite a bit if you frequently use them in excessively hot or icy settings. Additionally, rapid charging often appears to be less efficient, and charging is slower in general

    How Long Does an Electric Battery Last in an Electric Car?

    EV batteries go through cycles of “discharge,” which happens when driving, and “charge,” which occurs when the car is plugged in—the battery’s ability to keep a charge changes when this process is repeated. As a result, the range and time between each journey to charge are reduced.

    Most manufacturers provide a five- to eight-year battery warranty. The current forecast states that an electric car battery would last between 10 and 20 years before needing to be changed

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