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We know exactly what cars fluids to choose, trust us!

Your vehicle relies on multiple fluids to run efficiently such as, Coolant which is what helps your engine cool off and stay at operating temperature without overheating, that is why it is important to use coolants that are approved by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Brake fluid is another crucial fluid in your vehicle that needs to be maintained regularly as it can save you from many dangerous scenarios, make sure you always use the type of brake fluid that your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends.

Differential and Transmission Fluids, just like the brake fluid it is important to use what your manufacturer recommends to protect the systems from overheating and degradation.

Engine oil is probably the most important fluid in this list as using the right type of oil can help protect your engine and retain its optimal performance, that is why we always recommend using the right grade of oil as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Power steering Fluid makes your life easier when it comes to turning the steering wheel as it does most of the hard work with the smallest wheel input and it is important to use the manufacturer recommended power steering fluid as each vehicle has been engineered with specific fluid grades in mind to work with.

Windshield/windscreen wiper fluid is usually overlooked compared to other fluids; however, it can be useful in situations where your windshield is compromised while driving, windshield/windscreen washer can clean up the contaminants and restore crystal clear visibility.