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    Car Alloy Wheel Repair Refurbishment Services in Dubai

    The different types of wheel damage that we can repair are:

    • Straightening alloy wheels – We can straighten alloy wheels that are not running true as a result of minor knocks backed by our wheel rim repair service, if necessary.
    • Curbed/Kerbed and scuffed wheels – Generally these wheels will have more surface damage than a wheel requiring straightening. Depending on the extent of the damage we will either weld or fill the damaged area and then polish or machine the surface using one of our lathes so that a perfect finish is achieved
    • Buckled, bent and cracked wheels – Wheels with these sorts of damage are often repairable and may require more detailed attention to deal with the damage
    • Pothole damage repair – We are seeing (and repairing) an increasing number of wheels damaged by encounters with potholes, once again the majority of alloy wheel repair can be done as long as the result is safe
    • Corroded wheels – If a wheel has experienced lots of corrosion then it first goes through our chemical wheel stripping process to remove any existing dirt, corrosion, and paint/lacquer to get to bare metal. A similar process is then followed as with damaged wheels, but there are limits to the degree of corrosion that can be repaired and our car repair service technicians will discuss this with you once they have had sight of the wheel and go for a wheel refurbishment.
    • Split rim wheel repair – People are choosing split rim wheels for their cars in increasing numbers nowadays. We take in hundreds of alloy wheel refurbishments each week. Split rims are more complicated to repair and our technicians have extensive experience in dealing with these types of wheels.

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