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    Car Repair vs Maintenance

    Car repair is a step that comes after car maintenance and in many cases, it is due to neglect of regular periodic maintenance as parts can wear out and break, which affects the vehicle’s stability and drivability, and to bring the vehicle to its optimum condition, repairs must be conducted on required parts.

    Why Repair?

    When your vehicle is in a case of mechanical failure, its handling and drivability can be affected which makes driving it on the road dangerous, in Dubai Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) fails the renewal of vehicles with such mechanical failures in it’s test centers, and requires repairs to be conducted on the vehicle to ensure the safety of the driver and other road users.

    At Deutsches Auto Service Center we have the solutions to all your car repair requirements, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates serving our customer base in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    Common Questions:

    How much should a car repair cost?

    The cost of repair can vary depending on the severity of damage caused to any of the vehicle systems, engine repair can be simple to repair if the issue was caught in time before it gets worse, but in some cases, it can get really expensive and in worst case scenario, the whole engine needs to be replaced. It is always advised to do regular maintenance to prolong the lifetime of your vehicle.

    What are the types of repairs?

    Repairs can be part of a broad spectrum of problems in a vehicle and cannot be listed down into specific types, however we can classify the types of repairs based on the system that it is related to, such as, engine repair, suspension repair, transmission repair, brakes repair, drivetrain repair, and so on.

    How long does a repair to my car take?

    This varies between one vehicle and another and if it is a minor repair or a severe repair and, in many cases, depends on the vehicle’s model as each vehicle is engineered differently, therefore some repairs might take an hour on a vehicle while the same type of repair can take up to 5 hours.

    How can I avoid car repair?

    To avoid the hefty costs that come with repairs, as we mentioned earlier you can minimize mechanical failures in your vehicle by making sure you service it on time and do the periodical maintenance requirements as per the manufacturer, that way you prolong the lifetime of your vehicle’s components which in turn will reduce the chance of encountering a mechanical failure.

    What is needed to service a car?

    Different vehicles require different services, however a general rule of thumb that they all share is that you are required to change the engine oil every 3,000 to 10,000 kilometers depending on what the manufacturer recommends, as well as the oil filter replacement, intake air filters, and cabin air filters. As for major services this is where you go back to the owner’s manual as every vehicle require different components to be serviced differently such as transmission, differentials, etc… (visit our Car Service page to learn more about Major and Minor services

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